An impressive Scott Spark under 8 kg

Mountain bike 14/11/20 19:29 Migue A.

Right, less than 8 kilos on a Scott Spark. Unbelievable but true. Gustav Gullholm has done it and he has posted it in his Instagram profile, in which he has almost 70,000 followers.


A Scott Spark under 8 kilos: seeing is believing

7,997 kilograms. The final figure on the scale for this Scott Spark who has mounted the biker Gustav Gullholm. Gustav has been in charge of finding the lightest materials to incorporate them into a clean Scott Spark frame. He has also shared the whole process on the web in a short video without added sound, in which you can hear every turn of the screw, every slide of carbon on carbon.


The video has had a great repercussion, but dangerholm, his nickname in Instagram, has also shared all the information of each piece that he has used to assemble this Scott Spark RC SL SUB8 that goes under 8 kilos.

Specifically, it started with a frame weighing just over 1.7 kilos, a carbon frame whose weight already includes a Fox Nude at the rear and which has incorporated a Fox 32 SC Factory weighing 1.3 kilos at the front, a 720mm Schmolke TLO handlebar weighing 105 grams, Trickstuff Piccola Carbon brakes which together weigh 323 grams, PiRope Sub 1.1 rudes weighing just over 1 kilo, and Schwalbe Racing Ralph tyres.


SRAM XX1 rollout with Garbaruk cassette of 11 crowns only (10-46), because with those thighs he can move them. The total weight table is a list of many of the lightest mountain bike components on the market, no doubt.


Some details of the Scott Spark under 8 kilos

This weight drops by up to a fifth compared to the vast majority of full suspension cross country bikes on the market. This Scott Spark under 8 kilos was painted in red completely, without graphics or anything. Just the paint already adds another 80 grams, but Gullholm got himself a little homage.


In fact, as he says, for him the challenge was not to reduce those 8 kilos in this Scott Spark, but to do it without losing a single detail, without leaving out any component. In fact, as we say, the challenge he set himself was to include everything, and he has done so: the Scott Spark includes support for GPS, for example, it includes the pedals that are always left out of the weight that the brands provide, and a hollow carbon tube bottle holder. To further reduce weight without losing strength, the screws are made of Extralite titanium.


There is no trick. Well, there is a little trick or twist: if you weigh more than 100 kilos, you can't ride it. It's collateral damage, which can be saved for most cyclists. For the moment, this bike is totally personal and exclusive, but it has gained so much impact in social networks that we don't exclude the possibility that he might receive an offer or two for it. This is not the first time that Gullholm has done something like this.


But most likely he will not want to sell it. It's not every day you ride your own Scott Spark under 8 kilos. That's lightweight. It must feel like whipping the pedals of a road bike on dry asphalt. The wet wish of many of us, no doubt.



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Una impresionante Scott Spark por debajo de los 8 kg