How much money a cyclist can make in the Tour de France?

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Cycling may not be the best paid sport, especially in relation to the effort required to practice it. But it moves significant quantities of money in the most important races of the calendar.

The undisputed king of the calendar is, of course, the Tour de France. The French round will allocate 2.3 million euros in prizes in 2019, which is a motivation for the cyclist, beyond the prestige that comes with being seen in any of its stages.

How much money a cyclist can make in the Tour de France?

Awards - General classification 

The winner of the Tour de France will earn a prize of 500,000 euros. The 2nd classified is awarded with 200,000 euros and the 3rd, 100,000 €. The figure is reduced until the 20th classified, which takes 1,000 euros, the same as from him to the number 160 of the general at the end of the race.

In addition, the bearer of the yellow jersey gets 500 euros for each day he wears it in the race.

Stage awards 

The winner of a stage in the Tour de France earns 11,000 euros. The 2nd 5,500€ and the third, 2,800 euros. The figure is reduced until 300 euros that takes the 20th classified.

Jerseys - awards 

The other classic classifications of the Tour de France also have an economic endowment: 11,000 euros for the best climber, 20,000 € for the best youngster, 25,000 € for the leader of combativity and 50,000€ for the best team.

Climbing - awards 

The first rider over each categorised climb also has a financial compensation. 800€ for hors catégorie, 650€ for category one, 500€ for category two, 300€ for category three and 200€ for category four.

And you? What do you think about the prizes of the Tour de France? Did you expect them bigger or smaller? We read you on our social networks!



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