How much money a cyclist can make in the Tour de France 2024?

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The financial prizes of the Tour de France, which always arouse great interest among fans, amount to a total of 2,308,200 euros for 2024. The grand prize will go to the overall winner, who will pocket 500,000 euros.

How much does a cyclist earn in the Tour de France?

The yellow jersey is the greatest trophy in cycling. The cyclist who wins it has the honor of inscribing his name in the history of the sport after long days of exhausting suffering. Winning the Tour de France may be an indescribable milestone, but in this case the glory is accompanied by a tidy sum of money. Despite the fact that cycling moves figures that are far from the numbers of other sports, the Tour is the race that distributes the biggest booty of the calendar.

Beyond the contracts of the big stars, the rest of the peloton earns a more modest salary. Hence the importance of the prize money, as it is usually shared among all team members -cyclists, assistants, mechanics and other members-.

The Tour de France 2024 has prepared the same amount of money it was counting on last year: €2,308,200. The figure is significantly higher than the €1,600,000 that was given to this season's Giro.

General classification prizes

It is the category that distributes the largest amounts of money and the organization has the consideration to reward all those who cross the finish line on the last day of the race.

  • Winner: 500,000 euros
  • 2nd: 200,000 euros
  • 3rd: 100,000 euros
  • 4th: 70,000 euros
  • 5th: 50,000 euros
  • 6th: 2,.000 euros
  • 7th: 11,500 euros
  • 8th: 7,600 euros
  • 9th: 4,500 euros
  • 10th: 3,800 euros
  • 11th to 19th: between 3,000 and 1,100 euros
  • Other riders who finish the race: 1,000 euros.

In addition, for each stage that a rider wears the yellow jersey, he will receive 500 euros.

Stage prizes

All stages distribute the same amount of money, regardless of difficulty, type, day or any other distinction.

  • Winner: 11.000 euros
  • 2nd: 5,500 euros
  • 3rd: 2,800 euros
  • 4th: 1,500 euros
  • 5th: 830 euros
  • 6th: 780 euros
  • 7th: 730 euros
  • 8th: 670 euros
  • 9th: 650 euros
  • 10th: 600 euros
  • 11th to 20th: between 540 and 300 euros

Prizes in the points classification: green jersey

Another of the best-endowed prizes, awarded to whoever scores the most points.

  • Winner: 25,000 euros
  • 2nd: 15,000 euros
  • 3rd: 10,000 euros
  • 4th: 4,000 euros
  • 5th: 3,500 euros
  • 6th to 8th: between 3,000 and 2,000 euros

In addition, for each stage that a rider wears the green jersey he will receive 300 euros. As for the intermediate sprints, a prize of 1,500 euros is awarded to the winner, 1,000 euros to the second and 500 euros to the third.

Mountain classification: polka dot jersey

One of the most coveted and historically most prized.

  • Winner: 25,000 euros
  • 2nd: 15,000 euros
  • 3rd: 10,000 euros
  • 4th: 4,000 euros
  • 5th: 3,500 euros
  • 6th to 8th: between 3,000 and 2,000 euros

In addition, for each stage that a rider wears the polka dot jersey, he will receive 300 euros.

Beyond the overall mountain classification, the organization has established different economic prizes depending on the difficulty of each mountain pass, which will also award different points for the overall mountain classification.

Category ports/economic awards
HC 1st Category 2nd Category
3rd Category
4th Category
800 € 650 € 500 € 300 € 200 €
450 € 400 € 250 €  -  -
300 € 150 €  -  -  -

The Tour also offers the Souvenir Henri Desgrange, which is awarded to the rider who finishes first over the highest pass of the race - this time it will be awarded at the 2,802-meter Cime de la Bonette on stage 19. The prize is 5,000 euros.

On the other hand, there is another special prize called Souvenir Jacques Goddet, which is given to whoever climbs the Tourmalet first -this year, on stage 14-. The prize money is another 5,000 euros.

Youth classification prizes: white jersey

Only those under 25 years of age are eligible for this award.


  • Winner: 20,000 euros
  • 2nd: 15,000 euros
  • 3rd: 10,000 euros
  • 4th: 5,000 euros 

In addition, for each stage that a rider wears the white jersey he will receive 300 euros and the best rider of each day will receive 500 euros.

Combativeness classification prizes

The prize for being the most combative rider in each stage is an income of 2,000 euros; the overall winner of this category receives 20,000 euros.

Team classification prizes

This classification is obtained by adding the cumulative time of the first three riders of each team in each stage.

  • Winner: 50,000 euros
  • 2nd: 30,000 euros
  • 3rd: 20,000 euros
  • 4th: 12,000 euros 
  • 5th: 8,000 euros

In addition, each stage is valued at €2,800; each week there is also a prize of €3,000 for the best team rider.



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