Benefits of not drinking a drop of alcohol

Nutrition 27/12/23 07:00 Migue A.

A beer is nothing. A glass of wine is healthy. Surely you have heard these affirmations. Nothing is further from reality: alcohol lacks benefits, and not drinking alcohol, also in cycling, is loaded with advantages.


Alcohol and cycling

The social acceptance of alcohol is quite widespread. In fact, to take something after the route is even part of the social culture of cyclists. But, it has to be alcohol? We raise this with the data of the new studies and the advantages of not taking a drop of alcohol.

Of course, we do not start from purism, but from the science that analyzes this social act. And science says that alcohol is not good for health, in any amount or with any routine. In fact, stop drinking only has benefits, and these are some of them that as a cyclist you will be greatly interested.


Take note because, first of all, you are driving a vehicle. A bicycle or a mountain bike is a vehicle and alcohol affects the handling of any tool. If we demand drivers who do not drink because they endanger our lives as cyclists, we are obliged to apply that measure strictly. And studies corroborate this as well.


Why not drink alcohol if you practice cycling

First, there is a nutritional issue. Alcohol is not nutritious, but basically gives you what is called "empty calories", that is, free calories that your body does not need and that are easily converted into fat if they are not consumed (that is, you get fatter) and cost more to throw away. Therefore, and surely that is something you suspected, alcohol does not fit with a healthy way of getting fit, if it is your goal.


In addition, the systems of your body work worse or are significantly impaired. Your liver and your kidneys will work double to be able to synthesize and eliminate alcohol during the following hours after taking it, but it is your bladder and your urinary system (a quite common area of problems in men over the years, more so if they practice cycling) they also get worse. There are two other systems that pay the consequences of alcohol: your circulatory system gets worse and its flow is slower and your digestive system too, because it usually eliminates the hunger for healthy food in exchange for alcohol, which is a food for nothing healthy. Furthermore, the digestion of food deteriorates and, if it is a carbonated drink, causes rise of sugar and gases. Nothing positive.


Finally, there is also a mental or psychological issue. You will not develop withdrawal syndrome, which is that need that you also feel when you have finished cycling and you feel like a beer automatically. In this way, you will feel that you do not have the need or dependence on alcohol in your life. And, by not promoting aggressiveness and impulsiveness, which are two consequences of alcohol (the so-called "alcohol tunnel"), the quality of your rest is greater. And rest is a fundamental part of training.


Finally, the risk of suffering almost any type of cancer increases with alcohol consumption. Needless to say anything else, don't you think?



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