7 tips for cycling in the rain

Training 10/11/20 12:42 Migue A.

Rain is no obstacle to cycling. However, it is important and, above all, useful to take into account some tips to make the best of the experience.

In rain season, caution and pedalling

Except in tropical areas, where the frequency and recurrence of rainfall is constant throughout the year, in much of the more developed world, rainfall is seasonal. Abundantly, equinoctial. Right now, in the middle of autumn, rain appears more constantly and abundantly. And so it's good to know that this is not a circumstance that should prevent you from cycling. As long as you take into account some very useful advice.


Today we give you 7 of these tips to make sure that when you pedal in the rain you have less risk.

Tip 1: Bike shorts with medium temperatures

Just because it's the rainy season doesn't mean it's cold. In fact, the days are often quite mild, not extreme in one way or another of the temperatures. Perfect for riding. So if you see that it's not too cold and that the start is not too long, always wear bike shorts. You'll appreciate it. One trick in the rain is to spread some cream or oil on your legs, so the water will slide off quickly. Simple but useful.


Tip 2: mudguards

A mudguard is an element as simple as it is useful in the rain. Obviously, it is normal for a top bike not to have a mudguard. And installing one is no easy task either. But there is something simpler: there are mudguards that for a couple of euros are a simple plastic plate that is inserted into the bottom of your saddle. Once used, you fold it up and put it away in your jersey. Cheap, simple and very, very useful.


Tip 3: loose tyres

Yes, lowering the pressure of your tyres is very useful for riding on asphalt or very wet ground. By reducing the pressure, the contact surface between the tyre and the ground increases. It will cost you a little more advance, but you will do it more safely. Do not lower the pressure too much if you do not want to irremediably damage the tyres.


Tip 4: degrease your bike at the end

In the rain, dirt adheres more and better to the grease or lubricant in your drivetrain. If we're also talking about mountain biking, why go on? It's very important to wash the bike when you come back, so that the mud doesn't dry out, and to degrease the chain. You can do it later, but it will mean triple the effort. Leave the degreaser ready before going out, then it will be 5 minutes.


Tip 5: if you are surprised by the rain, find a bag

If you've been out when rain threatens and it suddenly becomes a reality, you can keep your feet from getting soaked. It's simple: find a plastic bag or ask for one in a shop. Tie it to your shoe and stuff it in the bottom of your shorts. Don't open a hole in the cove, just insert it. It will prevent you from having cold feet all the time. It's shabby, but it works.


Tip 6: waterproof clothing or newspapers

Likewise, if you are surprised by the rain and the wind, you can look for a newspaper. Placed inside the jersey, on the chest, prevents the wind from cooling off with the water in your clothes and causing you to catch a cold. Of course, the best thing is to have waterproof clothes. If you can't afford it, consider a basic 5 euro mackintosh. You can fold it into a cuff and store it in your jersey without any further problem.


Tip 7: Focus more on the course

In the rain, it is time to take extreme precautions. Don't turn sharply, slow down progressively, look further than usual and don't lose your concentration. Look for the driest route and, of course, under no circumstances should you enter puddles. If water has accumulated on a flat area, it is because there is a hole underneath, and you do not know how big that hole is.


Cycling and rain: a good experience

In short, going out in the rain is a fantastic experience. And it has benefits. Feeling your body heat from the effort in contrast to the rainy environment is wonderful. Coming home and throwing yourself headfirst into the shower with boiling water is totally comforting.


If you take these tips into account, you will also be able to ride that day with no more inconvenience than a little more liquid on your body. But if you learn during your workout, it will be one more liquid that will add to the one that produces your effort. Sweat in the rain, shower and have a rest.



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