Specialized Epic EVO Base: high-end at an irresistible price

Mountain bike 17/09/20 17:59 Migue A.

It seems that in California they have realized what is coming, and have bet on giving priority to the economy. This is why the new Specialized Epic Evo Base is on sale at a very interesting price for the type of mountain bike it is.


Specialized Epic EVO Base: price and quality are possible

If you are thinking about buying a mountain bike and you want the perfect balance between quality and price, just read this article and you will see. Because the Specialized Epic EVO Base may solve some of your doubts.

First of all, because of its FACT 11M carbon frame. This is a key point, although it might seem like just another carbon surname from the start, this is because we are talking about the highest quality. So much so that the Specialized Epic EVO models, both the Pro, the Expert and the Comp, all feature the same frame with the same carbon. That's really good.


Therefore, both the carbon core and the geometry are high end. Progressive XC geometry with the typical step that the Flip-Chip incorporates to be able to play with the half degree of steering angle and the height of the bottom bracket by up to six millimetres, choosing whether we want it more aggressive or more balanced in downhill.

With a threaded bottom bracket and fully embedded wiring, the Specialized Epic EVO Base is undoubtedly one of the best options for entering the mountain bike world at an impressive level of quality.

The RockShox Reba RL Solo Air fork has a 120mm spring in the front, with a firm feel due to the built-in hydraulics, and RockShox Motion Control combined with the Solo Air makes it easy to adjust suspension response. And 110mm behind, mounting a RockShox Deluxe Select+, on an Alloy Minirise handlebar and a 3D-forged aluminium stem, both Specialized.


The rollout of the Specialized Epic EVO Base relies on Shimano. A 12-crown (50-34) Shimano SLX also with M6100 brakes from the Japanese manufacturer.

A more versatile, and useful compendium closes the deal: Stout XC rims, Shimano MT400 and 510 hubs front and rear; Gripton compound Ground Control rubbers and TranzX Dropper telescopic seat post. For the price at which it is sold, we cannot ask for anything else either. 

Availability and final price of the Specialized Epic EVO Base

Available in green and grey, or as they call it on the west coast, Satin Forest Green Oasis and Gloss Cool Grey Dove Grey. It will be produced (it is somewhat rare, but it is) in 5 sizes for the colour grey (XS, S, M, L, XL) but only in 4 for the colour green (XL is removed).


And here comes the fact that you've been waiting to read all along, the Specialized Epic EVO Base goes on sale for a final price of 3,599 €.

In short, it will be a weapon to compete in sales with any other manufacturer, because without a doubt it is a great mountain bike at a much more affordable price than we are used to. In fact, this Specialized Epic EVO Base is already about 900 euros cheaper than its predecessors. Great news for those who were thinking of changing their mountain bike.



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Specialized Epic EVO Base: gama alta a un precio irresistible