Puncture-proof SmartMousse for mountain bike, do you need it?

Mountain bike 16/12/20 12:00 Migue A.

Just a couple of years ago we had news of a new anti-puncture system that promised to end punctures in mountain bikes. A rubber cylinder inserted inside the tubeless wheel in a very simple way. At first it caused some doubts, but a large group of bikers have already tested it and their conclusion is unanimous: the anti-puncture SmartMousse system works.

This SmartMousse has been used for a long time in enduro and motocross bikes and it's an irreplaceable standard.


Advantages of the anti-puncture SmartMousse 

The tubeless system was imposed on the wheels of mountain bikes using the reasoning that less is more, but that was because there were no better alternatives for the air tubes. Everything has changed with a very simple system that compensates the minimun weight gain that it supposes.


Avoids 90 % of punctures

If the tubeless system was already an anti-flat tyre safety device, the SmartMousse is even more so. When you install it on your wheels, the anti-puncture liquid remains, so that the small punctures are still covered while protecting against big impacts, rips and tears. In general, for all brands, it is maintained that the SmartMousse installed on tubeless wheels eliminates 90% of the punctures.

Currently it is the only solution for a split tyre

With tubeless wheels, small punctures are solved with the sealing liquid alone. But what happens if a misplaced stone tears the tryre? Until now there was no solution other than changing the tyre, but now the SmartMousse allows you to ride home without the danger of breaking the tyre.

BEWARE that not all brands allow you to ride directly on the SmartMousse, it depends on its density

Offers more comfort and traction

Installing an anti-puncture SmartMousse system offers the possibility to lower the pressure of the wheels without fear of undercutting. This translates into greater riding comfort and more traction in sensitive areas.


Protect the tyres

In addition to avoiding punctures the SmartMousse system is an insurance for your tyres. The SmartMousse absorbs the impacts, preventing the tyres from bearing more stress than they already receive. This advantage is sure to be very much appreciated by all those who have carbon wheels.

The disadvantages of a puncture-proof SmartMousse for mountain bike

After seeing the benefits of putting SmartMousse on your mountain bike, it's time to talk about its disadvantages, which also have theirs. But you will soon discover that anyone would be willing to bear them.

There are basically two, the weight and a small inconvenience arising from poor maintenance of the SmartMousse.


It is clear that puncture-proof SmartMousse adds weight to the set, and it does so in such a critical area as the wheels. The weight will depend on the size of the wheel, the ball and obviously on the model we choose, but it is around 90-150g for mountain bike wheels.

This may be a determining factor among cyclists who seek to reduce the weight of their mountain bikes as much as possible, or it may be something tolerable for those who prefer to enjoy greater safety and comfort.

Can absorb the tubeless fluid

Depending on the material the puncture-proof SmartMousse is made of, it may act like a sponge if it deteriorates or has any cracks.

All mousse models are compatible with tubeless fluid, and both systems complement each other very well when it comes to avoiding any punctures. The problem is that some mousse models, when they deteriorate over time or crack after some impact, absorb the tubeless fluid through the deteriorated areas with the inconvenience that it entails in the event of a small flat tyre.

This can be solved by checking the condition of the mousse from time to time or by making sure that it is a non-absorbent model when you buy it.

As you can see, the advantages are enough to at least decide to install one of these anti-puncture SmartMousse systems on your mountain bike and give it a try. What do you think? We read you on our social networks!



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