Leo Páez and Ramona Forchini become 2020 XCM World Champions

Mountain bike 25/10/20 14:35 Migue A.

The Colombian Hector Leonardo Páez and the Swiss Ramona Forchini have just been proclaimed the 2020 XCM World Champions on a circuit that is totally atypical for the sport due to a course full of paths and trails with no technical difficulties, and due to its location in Turkey.

The Colombian Leo Paez becomes the 2020 XCM World Champion

Without technical complications and with short, straight uphills, the route of this World Championship has been much discussed by many of the participants who did not understand how such a circuit could be considered a mountain bike circuit.

From the start, the Portuguese Tiago Ferreira was very determined to take the lead and impose a high pace with which he selected a group of favourites where the Czechs Kritian Hyek and Martin Stosek, the defender of the title Leo Paez and the Italian Juri Ragnoli were.

As the kilometres passed the leading group increased and decreased, the Spaniards Valero and Mantecón managed to reach them, but the 5 cyclists mentioned were very strong and once again opened up differences with the rest.

The Colombian Leo Paez, who had been at the end of the group for many kilometres, launched a hard attack at the beginning of the last lap that only Martin Stosek and Tiago Ferreira could follow. It looked like gold was going to be played between them.

Paez occasionally looked for a replacement from the Czech or Portuguese, but not finding an answer, he chose to attack again at the same pace. First Tiago Ferreria broke away and shortly afterwards Martin Stosek did the same.

With a full demonstration of strength and tactics, Hector Leonardo Páez León entered the finish line as the winner to become the XCM World Champion for the second time in a row

Results Men 2020 XCM World Championship

  1. Hector Leonardo Páez León COL 04:19:50
  2. Tiago Ferreira POR +02:20
  3. Martin Stosek CZE +02:35
  4. Juri Ragnoli ITA +04:52

The Swiss Ramona Forchini is proclaimed 2020 XCM World Champion

Similar to the men's race, the women's race also saw the formation of a large group at the beginning of the race and cyclists were selected as the kilometres passed.

In the first lap, Poland's Maja Wloszczowska led a group that included Slovakia's Blaza Pintaric, Switzerland's Ramona Forchini and Ariane Luthi, and Ukraine's Yana Belomoina.

Without spectacular attacks, only the high pace and the passing of the kilometres caused the cyclists to drop out until only the Polish, the Swiss Forchini and the Ukrainian were left. Although Belomoina couldn't keep up either and ended up giving in on the last few kilometres.

At 200 metres from the finish Ramona Forchini attacked to avoid a final sprint and succeeded. The Swiss Ramona Forchini is the new 2020 XCM World Champion.

Maja Wloszczowska won the silver medal and Ariane Luthi closed the podium.

Results Women 2020 XCM World Championship

  1. Ramona Forchini SUI 03:42:18
  2. Maja Wloszczowska POL +00:01
  3. Ariane Luthi SUI +1:22
  4. Robyn De Groot RSA +1:51
  5. Yana Belomoina UKR +05:45
  6. Stefanie Dohrn GER +07:33
  7. Isla Short GBR +08:05
  8. Lejla Tanovic BIH +08:43
  9. Blaza Pintaric SLO +09:32



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Leo Páez y Ramona Forchini se proclaman Campeones del Mundo XCM 2020