The mysterious Oakley sunglasses worn by some cyclists during the Vuelta

Bike Equipment 29/10/20 17:36 Migue A.

These days, in the very strange Vuelta a España that we are experiencing, a minor detail has attracted attention: several cyclists are wearing Oakley sunglasses that are not yet on the market.


What We Know About the New Oakley Sunglasses

A quick search reveals that these are Oakleys that will certainly be part of the 2021 collection, but they have not yet been made official and do not even appear on the Oakley website or in any catalogue.

In fact, we know so little, we don't even know their name. What we do know are the names of the lucky ones who have had the chance to try them out on the Vuelta a España. For example, we saw Sam Bennet and Chris Froome with this new Oakley design that stands out without a doubt for the cut of its glass, with a kind of aggressive tip on the sides, giving rise to a much more closed goggle.


If we make a quick analysis, we can find out a little more. For example, that these are Oakley sunglasses with a panoramic, moulded lens that forms an original structure

The shape of the lens above the nose is remarkable because we have never seen anything like it before. The single lens curves and takes the shape of the nose.


Can we buy the new Oakley sunglasses?

Well, no, not yet. Because, as we mentioned, the Oakley sunglasses that half of the peloton wears are nowhere to be found. Other brands, like Scott, have already introduced all the new stuff for 2021, but Oakley is resisting.


That nose hole is undoubtedly the big question. Does it improve vision because there is no frame behind it? Is it just another aerodynamic element? It wouldn't be the first time that Oakley has introduced aerodynamic accessories, as it did when it entered the world of bicycle helmets back in 2017.


Huge Oakley sunglasses, following the current trend that mixes frameless comfort, protection by width and of course fashion. This Oakley model will surely see the light in the coming months but obviously, as we said, is still part of a collection that the brand has not presented or made official yet. Finally, we felt that they will be wearing photochromic glass, because the cyclists who wear it wear it all the time, without changing anything on it, so we assume that they will adapt to the changes in light conditions.

We will continue to see them on the Quick-Step or on the Ineos during the Vuelta a España, so we will keep an eye on them.



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