Trillions, the cricket flour energy bars

Nutrition 07/07/20 16:12 Germán M.

The energy bars are a perfect complement to cycling: they are compact, easy to transport, and incorporate a multitude of nutrients that adapt to the needs of each moment. There are slow assimilation cereal bars, energy bars for effort peaks, sweet and sour, with grain or pasta. And there are also cricket energy bars. Yes, insects. They are called Trillions and we will tell you more about them.


Trillions, how to make energy bars with crickets

Yes, on paper it can be shocking and you may even reject the idea. But don't panic, if we hadn't told you anything and eaten an energy bar like that, you wouldn't have felt anything. Because Trillions makes energy bars with more food: chocolates, almonds and aromas, and cricket flour is just one more part, the most nutritious in fact.

In many countries, eating crickets is totally naturalized, as for example in some Mexican regions. So it is only an idea, it is a mental construction of rejection of something that is healthy and wholesome. More than 200 million people in the world already consume insects regularly, they are part of their daily menu.


They are products made with sustainable proteins, therefore, so Trillions will not only do what other energy bars do, to improve performance and muscle mass, but it also cares for the planet.

The values that can be obtained from cricket flour are optimal: it contains complete protein, the 9 essential aminoacids, but also 65% is protein in cricket flour from Trillions energy bars, more than half of its content. On a scale, it is as if almost an entire cow is protein, something that is not so because the beef, which is the most protein meat, only reaches 33%. Right, almost half the cricket flour. A flour that you can even make yourself with a small farm of just a few square meters.


If you decide to taste them, you will see that they taste like red berries, mint or chocolate. The cricket flour from Trillions energy bars will only provide you with protein, because its taste is completely neutral. And the bars are a perfect cycling accessory.

UN speaks well of Trillions energy bars

Trillions is a Spanish brand that, based on data from the UN, decided to embark on this risky path of manufacturing energy bars with cricket flour. What are those numbers? For the UN estimates that crickets, for example, have more nutritional efficiency as a protein source than cows. Specifically, 20 times more.


In addition, he admitted that it was much more sustainable since crickets do not emit polluting gases, consume much less water or any liquid and producing them on farms would take much less space and require much less raw material for their feeding.

Therefore, energy bars that are respectful with the environment and with an excellent contribution of a protein of the highest quality. What is your doubt, the fact of hearing the word "cricket"? That can be overcome. If you have tasted them, tell us about your experience in the comments.



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