Training in a village of 60 inhabitants and competing in the EWS, that's Gabriel Torralba's life

Mountain bike 01/04/21 11:03 Migue A.

At the age of 24, Gabriel Torralba is already a national enduro reference. He is the current Spanish enduro champion and has been with the Orbea Fox Enduro Team since the team started. In a new edition of Take a Lap, we will learn more about the origins of this cyclist who has managed to combine tradition and future from the small village of Riglos.

Gabriel Torralba, when to be original is to go back to the origin

The village of Riglos is located in the Aragonese pre-Pyrenees and is home to around 60 inhabitants, including one of Spain's leading enduro riders. In this video, Gabriel Torralba shows us what his life is like today and how he has managed to become an elite Enduro rider.

In addition to discovering how Gabriel sets up his mountain bike to descend as fast as possible in such demanding terrain, in the video we find out important details such as the fact that enduro is being the driving force to recover lost trails and paths in increasingly depopulated areas.

If you haven't seen the first episode yet, you can do so here with Edgar Carballo.



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Entrenar en un pueblo de 60 habitantes y competir en las EWS, así es la vida de Gabriel Torralba