Strava, tricks and tips to squeeze the most popular social network among cyclists (Part II)

Road 10/12/19 12:00 Migue A.

If you practice cycling, surely you use it or have used it. Strava is without a doubt the most used app. Get the most out of it with these tips. Here you can find more tips and tricks for Strava.

Simple tips to squeeze and enjoy Strava (Part II)

6.Become the KOM

Getting KOMs is the constant challenge. But there are ways to do it: do not choose long routes, analyze them to establish the warm-up phases before reaching the segment, learn very well where the segment begins and where it ends and, most difficult, give everything to try to get a good position or even the KOM.


7.Strava Beta, only for developers

Strava Beta is renamed as Strava Labs in this application. It is that typical developing mode that only some privileged and anxious of the experience are involved. That test bench in which to test all the new things that Strava presents. News, innovations, updates.

8.Other tools and apps parallel to Strava

Other related tools that often take more and better advantage than Strava itself. Relive, for example, creates a 3D visualization of your route in a very visual way, allowing you to share it later on social networks. Veloviewer is another similar but about analysis of the data that you have produced in your route. Klimat adds climate information. There is an interesting list, explore it and make the most of Strava.


9.Your data, always in duplicate

Making a backup has long been possible in Strava. If everything goes to hell, you will not lose all your information, all your routes. If you follow training patterns and have clear goals, it is very useful and gives you a lot of peace of mind. And your coach too.

10.Strava Premium, in case the basic version falls short

Strava Summit is the Premium version of the application. It is reasonably priced, € 5 per month, and offers many more options. It is true that with basic Strava you have many things available, but if you want to go a little further, Strava Summit is the next step.




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