Damoff Sealant, the tubeless tire sealant that smells like peach

Bike Equipment 20/11/19 12:00 Migue A.

Damoff arrives at the market, a new manufacturer of cycling products made in Spain that are characterized by their innovation and value for money. In its catalog you can find a novel sealant without ammonia or natural latex for tubeless wheels, tubeless valves stem and lubricants for different weather conditions.

Damoff, a very innovative tubeless tire sealant

Damoff Sealant is presented as the manufacturer's flagship product, and has been developed and tested for months in collaboration with a large group of amateur and professional mountain bikers, who have marked the way for technical and industrial equipment.

The Damoff brand was born directly from the experience and real needs, in terms of performance and quality, that cyclists have in the XCO World Cup. But Damoff is not considered an elitist brand and goes on the market by adjusting its prices to the maximum to reach the largest possible audience.

One of the main concerns to which Damoff has wanted to respond with his new sealant is not to damage the tires or wheel covers. For this, in its formula there is no ammonia. A component that in other brands has caused irreparable damage to wheels, adds an unpleasant smell and causes environmental damage if it is discarded directly on the ground, for example in the middle of a route by mountain.

Damoff Sealant tubeless tire sealant has been tested at temperatures up to 60 ° C and is capable of sealing punctures 8 mm in diameter.

The Damoff development team detected that the unpleasant smell of some tubeless sealant was one of the main reasons for rejection by consumers, so they added a pleasant peach scent to the Damoff Sealant. This peach smell has directly become Damoff's signature.

The Damoff catalog includes the Damoff Sealant tubeless tire sealant in 500 ml containers with a price of € 15 and 5 L at € 89, tubeless valves stem, Damoff Wax Lube lubricant for normal conditions and Damoff Wet Lube lubricant for extreme humidity conditions.


On the occasion of its release to the market, Damoff has an active sponsorship program in which it seeks to support cyclists, teams and triathletes with a passion for national and international sports.

More information about Damoff, its catalog and the sponsorship program at damoff.com



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Damoff Sealant, el líquido tubeless que huele a melocotón