Strava, tricks and tips to squeeze the most popular social network among cyclists (Part I)

Road 06/12/19 12:00 Migue A.

If you practice cycling, surely you use it or have used it. Strava is without a doubt the most used app. Get the most out of it with these tips.

Because Strava offers many more possibilities than you imagine and surely there are a multitude of settings that you have not used or have not thought about existing. Take note of these tips to get the most out of Strava.


Simple tips to squeeze and enjoy Strava (Part I)

First of all and for those who are not yet in Strava, we will tell you that to participate in this social network the first thing is to register. It can be done from your web version or download Strava and accessing its app.

Here you can download GPS Strava for iOS and here for Android.

Once registered you can pass the data of your activities from your GPS or smartwatch to Strava and you can configure them so that only you can see them or share them with groups, friends or with the whole world.

But as this is not a tutorial and we assume that you already have STRAVA, here are some tips for you to take full advantage of this social network.

1.Strava challenges

The challenges are a very interesting Strava mode. It is not far from the way the segments or KOMs work, but they are specific challenges, which are pre-established before starting to try to achieve them, and that can only be achieved in most cases for a predetermined time as well. It's about that, a punctual, but inspiring time to get out of Strava's general dynamics and tonic.

2.Clubs Strava

Clubs are the most social part of Strava. It is the best way to create your network of contacts, your network of a caveman. Is that, your digital cycling club. Belonging to a club improves your desire to go cycling, never leave alone, better than your partner, etc. You can create your own club, enter one or simply follow it to see its activity.


3.Cyclist idols in Strava

Your cycling idols are at your fingertips. More and more professional cyclists have an account in Strava, also verified (in Strava, this is awarded by an orange medal). You can follow them, see their workouts and where in the world they are working. In a few networks it is so simple to be so close to your idols in a virtual way, to compete with them directly even.

4.Own and unique routes

Create new routes before riding a bike. Strava allows you something similar to what you can do on Google Maps: choose points and start creating your own circuit. Then, you can save it in the “My Routes” section and access them later.



Exploring segments is a real vice. Those small fragments of the land of just a few kilometers that create a global classification. Visualize the segments, study their characteristics, review their classification in Strava. And think about attacking them.





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