Specialized Chamonix MIPS: a perfect helmet for 70 € with 5 stars in protection

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We've wanted to try the Specialized Chamonix MIPS helmet for a long time and have finally been lucky enough to do so, but what makes a mid-range helmet like this so interesting that a priori there is nothing special about it? We will see it in this article but we will tell you that in essence it is better than other helmets that triple its price.

Specialized Chamonix MIPS helmet, a premium helmet hidden in the mid-range

It has been two years since the Specialized Chamonix helmet attracted the attention of many fans due to the rating it received in the Helmet Ranking conducted by Virginia Tech University. In that classification it got 5 stars and the Specialized Chamonix is ahead of helmets, even of the brand itself, which triples in price.

Virginia Tech's own evaluation system is called STAR and they assure that the tests to which the helmets are submitted are much more exhaustive than the tests that are carried out to homologate them on a regular basis since their program simulates almost all the possibilities of impact in the event of an accident, not only the vertical impact.

In this evaluation the Specialized Chamonix helmet in MIPS version continues to obtain a 5 star rating in 2020 which is the highest degree of protection available. As we said in the list you can see that below the Specialized Chamonix there is a helmet with a lesser degree of safety (less stars) and yet its price is much higher. Here you can see the complete list updated to 2020.

Specialized Chamonix MIPS: design and functionality 

The Specialized Chamonix has a modern design in the already distinctive line of the brand, but its removable visor along with the wide range of colors to choose from widens the range of preferences of each user. In the strictly functional aspect, its design has large front and zenithal openings to collect the air and in the back to favour the internal transit of the ventilation. 

The system for removing the visor is very simple and effective, although it does not have the possibility of adjusting its height. Aesthetically, it is a very versatile helmet that can be used with road or city bikes if the visor is removed or given a more "endurable" look with it on.

The back is low enough to protect the neck and that also makes the adjustment dial easy to handle even with gloves on.

Inside, the MIPS system has been included between the structure of the helmet and the interchangeable pads. As for its comfort during the weeks we have been using it, we can say that it is a very comfortable helmet that, without being ultra-light, about 280g, or having so many adjustments, you can even forget that you are wearing it.

This helmet also has the option of attaching the Specialized ANGi sensor, not included, which allows the warning of family or health services in case of accident.

Specialized Chamonix: specifications and price

  • Retention system compatible with the ANGi sensor
  • Equipped with MIPS system
  • 4th Dimension ventilation system, optimizes air intake and flow
  • Injected dome improves strength and reduces weight
  • Tri-Fix system of regulation and adjustment of the straps. More comfortable, easier and lighter.
  • Reflective straps and stickers to increase visibility in low light conditions.
  • Removable visor with clip-on system
  • SX Headset system with micro-adjustable dial, easy, safe and precise
  • Price: 69,9€ for the version with MIPS 2020

Conclusions on the Specialized Chamonix 2020 helmet

After a few weeks of use and fortunately without having to check the protection of the Specialized Chamonix against impacts, we can only say that this helmet is an outstanding option for a practically first price model.

Sometimes we lose sight of the fact that the important thing about a helmet is that it is safe, and this helmet is without a doubt one of the safest you can find on the market. Its 5 stars in the STAR rating prove it and it is not something that many helmets in that price range and even more expensive can boast

Add to that the fact that this is an attractive, very comfortable and multi-purpose helmet and the Specialized Chamonix may be a perfect choice for anyone who wants a premium helmet well under 100€. 



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Specialized Chamonix MIPS: un casco perfecto por 70€ y con 5 estrellas en seguridad