Garmin starts to recover some functions

Mountain bike 27/07/20 16:24 Migue A.

The attack on Garmin that has left thousands of users unable to use their devices normally is attracting a lot of attention in recent days. Although it is far from being solved, yesterday we had news from Strava that some devices are already reloading the functions of Garmin Connect.

Garmin Connect starts working, but the issues continue

On July 23rd, Garmin reported something that many of us had already noticed, it was experiencing problems with its Garmin Connect application. After 4 days we still do not have a formal explanation from the company but we already know that it was due to a ramsonware attack and that it will not be easy to get back to normal.

On Sunday night, Strava announced that Garmin Connect had resumed service and that delayed activities would automatically begin uploading to Strava, but with delays. Strava also warned that hand uploaded activities would not be duplicated and that due to the volume of delayed activities this procedure could take up to a couple of weeks.


Garmin also confirmed that features such as Garmin Golf, Garmin Dive and LiveTrack are fully operational, ensuring that "activity, health and wellness data collected from any Garmin device during the incident will be recorded on the device and will appear in Garmin Connect when the user syncs their device".

This is good news but the truth is that these advances are only benefiting a few users at the moment.



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Garmin comienza a recuperar algunas funciones