Do you need a specific backpack for e-MTB?

Mountain bike 05/08/20 17:02 Germán M.

If you are one of those who have left prejudice behind and has opted to continue enjoying cycling on an e-MTB, there are things you should know because although it has a thousand similarities it also has some other differences from a normal mountain bike. One of those details that make the difference is to use a specific backpack for e-MTB. It is more important than you think.


A compelling reason to get an e-MTB backpack

Above all, a cyclist rides a bike as long as he feels safe. No matter how extreme his discipline is, no one knowingly puts his life at risk, except with security and confidence in himself and in the bicycle he uses. Well, the main reason to use a specific backpack for e-MTB comes from that issue, security.


Using an electric mountain bike means that the battery will be part of your life. This is why, often, if you enjoy doing relatively long routes or tracks in which the battery life of the e-MTB is not enough, you will be forced to carry an extra battery with you. It is not an option ride a bike of more than 20 kilogrames, without help, which is precisely why you bought it, an e-MTB.

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Carrying the secondary battery can pose a huge risk if not done in an e-MTB backpack. These backpacks are designed to carry this emergency battery, and they do so in compartments that, first of all, fix the battery very well so that it does not move; secondly, they distribute their weight very well so that it remains in the center and does not offset the center of gravity; and thirdly, they increase padding and protections so that this battery cannot be an object that puts your health at risk in the event of a fall. Lastly, don't forget that not all backpacks are designed for all batteries. Be careful.


There are three very important reasons when evaluating an e-MTB backpack and not a normal one.

Other reasons to choose a good e-MTB backpack

Of course, there are more reasons, although security is the first and most important. An e-MTB backpack is normally much more reinforced and designed to travel at higher speeds. An e-MTB goes faster in many contexts, you just have to think that in an straight descent, you throw the weight quadruple down. For this reason, an e-MTB backpack fits better and holds better on its seams and handles.


In addition, the space reserved for the battery usually adds other compartments designed for items you may need using an e-MTB, such as the plug to charge these batteries at any point with connection to the electrical network.


Therefore, the general weight increases, so it is also important that despite these requirements it is a light backpack, since an e-MTB has a weight limit, which adding the weight of the bike and the motor, remains shortly for the rest, cyclist and luggage.



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