The UCI registers 5 Covid-19 positives in Nove Mesto

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All the personnel who participated in the Nove Mesto World Cup had to undergo an anti Covid-19 test before entering the competition bubble, but in addition the UCI ordered that the tests be repeated on Saturday to detect possible cases that had occurred once there. This test showed 5 positives for Covid-19.

The security measures in the podium and common areas were quite restrictive. Bartek Wolinski/Red Bull

5 cases of Coronavirus in Nove Mesto lead to increased security measures for the World Championships in Leogang

The UCI has announced that there were 5 positive cases for Covid-19 in the last tests carried out in Nove Mesto and although it has not specified names or whether they are cyclists or support staff it has decided, at the request of the Austrian authorities, that it will monitor all persons travelling from Nove Mesto to Leogang, the venue of the World Championship in Austria.

This monitoring, which will include some obligatory tests, will add to the PCR already required in order to enter the competitive bubble in Leogang.


Even during the warm-up the riders remained with their masks, which could only be removed when they entered the starting box. Bartek Wolinski/Red Bull

The UCI made this public in the following statement:

Following the COVID-19 tests that were taken in Nove Mesto at the UCI XCO World Cup on Saturday morning, 2nd October, we have been notified that 5 tests have been returned positive.

The individuals concerned were informed by the Austrian testing agency and subsequently we have contacted the relevant teams/national federations concerned to understand their current situation and the measures taken since notification of the test result.

Whilst we are satisfied that appropriate measures have been taken, due to the fact that positive cases have been identified at the event, the Austrian authorities in conjunction with the organizing committee in Leogang have requested an additional test be taken on-site in Leogang for all persons who were present in Nove Mesto.

The test will be a “quick test” with an immediate result and will be entirely funded by the Leogang organisers. There will not be a charge to the individual being tested. This “quick test” does not replace the required negative PCR test. These tests are mandatory if you have been on the list from Nove Mesto, and failure to take one will result in loss of accreditation and subsequent removal from the event.

We appreciate the inconvenience to you to take this extra test but to satisfy the Austrian authorities that everything is being done to maximize the health of all those present and travelling between countries, and to safeguard the event, we hope you understand the importance and we thank you very much for your cooperation.

These tests will be carried out on Monday 5th and Tuesday 6th October between 15:00 – 19:00, please follow signage.

Each National Federation/nationality has a time slot on both days, please respect it where possible to try to reduce waiting time:

15:00 – 16:00. AND, ARG, AUS, AUT, BEL, BRA, BIH, BUL, CAN, CHI, COL, CRO.
16:00 – 17:00. CRC, CZE, DEN, ESP, EST, FIN, FRA, GBR, GER, GRE, HUN, IRE.
17:00 – 18:00. ISL, ISR, ITA, JPN, LAT, LES, LTU, LUX, MEX, NAM, NED, NZL.
18:00 – 19:00. POL, POR, ROU, RUS, RSA, SLO, SRB, SUI, SVK, SWE, UKR, USA.



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La UCI registra 5 positivos por Covid-19 en Nove Mesto