Genetic tests and DNA tests for athletes - what are they? what are the benefits?

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You have good genetics. Who hasn't heard that expression in sport? Real athletes, with physical and mental characteristics that seem innate. But is it really so? Well, there is some truth to it, and the proof is that in recent times the use of DNA tests for athletes and genetic tests have exploded to discover their essence and see how to improve.


What is a DNA test and a genetic test

Performing at a good level is usually a matter of training. But certain levels seem to be unreachable. Of course, the composition of your DNA has an influence on your sporting performance. As a cyclist, you have a certain genetic make-up that gives you certain characteristics.


Knowing your potential or your propensity for muscular discomfort, pain or injury, even knowing some kind of cardiac inconvenience, is achieved thanks to a DNA test. These genetic tests provide valuable information for top-level cyclists.

A DNA test for athletes basically consists of a blood or saliva test. That's right, and you don't have to leave your house to do it either, because many companies have already considered it: you get it at home, send the sample and receive the results in just a couple of weeks.


This advanced technology provides information on issues that can have a high percentage of influence on your performance as a cyclist. In some cases, this value is as high as 40%, but it always exceeds 20%. The DNA test measures your muscular and cardiovascular response, your immune system, your susceptibility to injury and also any health risks.

What are the benefits of taking a DNA test or a genetic test

It is a lot of information. Starting with the most serious, which is undoubtedly the risk that you may suffer from sudden death. Over the last decade, many athletes have seen a small DNA test save them from a greater risk.


But thinking about aspects of improvement as a cyclist, a DNA test for athletes allows you to select which types of physical activity suit you best according to your genetic composition. It helps you to plan your training in this way, but also to deal with issues related to sports nutrition.

Evaluating almost thirty of what experts call "genetic polymorphisms", which are the small variations that your DNA sequence retains, indicates whether strength or stamina is your thing, whether you're going to hurt yourself more often or be a rock, and what muscle response you're going to have if you approach your cycling training in one way or another.


All these issues, it must be said, are lasting and permanent. That is why it is so interesting, because it is something that will not change no matter how many pedals you give. A DNA test gives information that will accompany you for life, and knowing yourself better means knowing how to improve.


They have become quite accessible in recent years. For between 200 and 300 euros you can find a specialized test in sport, health and nutrition from saliva. That is to say, the analysis is accompanied by a very useful report of a sporting nature, prepared by specialists who are experts in sporting activity.

This is what you are and you can't change it. Getting to know it through genetic testing is a fundamental weapon if you want to break down certain barriers.



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