A Van Rysel with a titanium frame, carbon inserts and integrated bags for ultra-distance

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Just like last year, Van Rysel, the most sporty bicycle brand of Decathlon, takes advantage of the Velofollies fair to advance the novelties that will soon be incorporated, as well as some surprises like this spectacular all-road bicycle designed for bikepacking and ultra-distance.

Van Rysel continues to improve its brand image with this spectacular bicycle

During the 19th, 20th and 21st of January, the Velofollies fair took place in the Belgian town of Kortrijk, an event that in recent years is gaining in reputation and allows us to see first-hand the novelties of many brands. With Kortrijk located just a few kilometers from Lille, where Decathlon's headquarters is located, Van Rysel, the firm that encompasses the most sporty and highest quality bicycles that we can find in the Decathlon catalog, could not miss another year among its exhibitors.

It was precisely at this fair, a year ago, where we could see for the first time the Van Rysel RCR and RCR Pro, the latter, the model that the Decathlon-AG2R La Mondiale team will use along with other products created by Van Rysel to equip its riders such as helmets or specific glasses.

This time the focus is on the all-road segment with a spectacular creation, we do not know if it is a serious development that will end up in production or a mere conceptual bike. This spectacular machine made by Van Rysel is a bike that blatantly seeks aerodynamics, a parameter that is increasingly relevant also in competitive gravel as well as in ultra-distance tests, with a patent profile of its tubes. Tubing in which, as we have seen in other Van Rysel models, is made of titanium. However, the elitist way of joining them stands out as these are glued to carbon fiber fittings.

Its aerodynamic skills are confirmed with a dashboard design that obviously reminds us of the Cervélo R5 to which a time trial attachment is added, an indispensable accessory for competitors in ultra-distance disciplines. Of course, speaking of ultra-distance, bikepacking bags are indispensable. In this case, Van Rysel has also worked on the aerodynamics of these, integrating them perfectly into the frame lines in a set that includes a frame bag located under the top tube, the practical top tube bag.

The storage capacity is completed with two compartments, one between the seat post and the top tube, actually almost the stays, which start to go down from in front of the seat tube in a design similar to the Canyon Inflite cyclocross. The other compartment is located under the down tube next to the bottom bracket. Finally, a saddle bag is added, although this one has a conventional design and arrangement.

Also noteworthy is the integration carried out by Van Rysel of the lights, with the rear ones forming part of the aforementioned storage compartment while the front ones seem a natural extension of the fork legs to which a third one is perfectly integrated into the aerodynamic cockpit, lights by the way of first quality and that come signed by Lezyne.



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