All Van Rysel bikes and equipment for the new Decathlon-AG2R

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The launch of the new Decathlon-AG2R comes with a change of bikes and equipment. The French team will no longer use the BMC bikes of recent years, but will become an indispensable part of the development of the competitive road bikes and products marketed by Decathlon under the Van Rysel brand.

Decathlon products rise to the next level with the sponsorship of AG2R


Despite the fact that Decathlon, for years now, has had products of proven quality, for many it is still that supermarket brand in which the equipment available is fine to get started in a sport but, as soon as you delve into its practices, it falls short for intensive use.

A stigma that the brand has a hard time getting rid of despite its efforts to create top level equipment and try to be, increasingly, present in the most important competitions. In the world of cycling, the French brand, although it has already brought its bikes to the highest level in the past, including AG2R, is still considered by many to be a second-rate brand. At least until now.

The arrival in the World Tour with the sponsorship of AG2R is an important leap in terms of brand image, similar to that given in mountain biking a few years ago with a powerful squad that has also served to develop a magnificent XC bike that does nothing but collect praise.

Now it's time to repeat this success on fine wheels. To this end, earlier this year Decathlon, through its Van Rysel brand, renewed its catalog by introducing an aerodynamic road bike and a time trial bike, the same bikes that AG2R riders will use and will be responsible for developing over the coming years.

On a day-to-day basis, the team will be using the Van Rysel RCR Pro, which the brand developed in collaboration with the French Aerospace Research Laboratory, aerodynamics experts who, for example, were also responsible for the Rafale fighter jet. A bike with an aerodynamic design and low weight that does not clash with the ecosystem of bikes that populate the professional peloton. It is noteworthy that the team will mount Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 despite the fact that, when this bike went on sale, there was speculation that it might become a SRAM team as the top of the range of the catalog was mounted with this group.

Also noteworthy in the bike's equipment is the use of Swisside wheels, the Swiss experts in aerodynamics who have also been an essential part in the development not only of this bike but also of its time trial version, the XCR. A spectacular machine that, like the road model, does not stand out among the designs that the main brands in the sector have been producing in recent times.

In addition to the bikes, Van Rysel will also provide helmets and goggles to the team. Regarding the former, the Decathlon-AG2R riders will be able to choose between the RCR model as an open and ventilated helmet but with a certain aerodynamic style; the FCR model for time trials, a helmet with a modern design with a short tail and a wrap-around structure that perfectly integrates a large visor. Finally, there is the XCR model, which has similar lines to the RCR but without so many openings in order to maximize aerodynamics in day-to-day use.

Regarding the glasses, the Van Rysel Perf 900 and Perf 900 light models will be available for cyclists. A wide-screen frames and modern design in which no technical aspects are spared by equipping Zeiss lenses, NTX and Transitions photochromic lenses on a super slim and lightweight frames.



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