Tips for getting up early to ride

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Laziness is one of the athlete's greatest enemies. Procrastinating our training day after day can end up ruining our aspirations, whether at amateur or professional level. Not even the most exuberant talent will make us competitive if day after day we prefer to stay in bed for an extra hour rather than go out and exercise.

Today we bring you 5 tips to make getting up early and going out riding more bearable.

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5 tips to help you get up early to exercise

Go to bed earlier

Keep in mind that you will get up earlier and rest accordingly. You will get up earlier than usual, so the best option to not get up exhausted is to go to bed earlier. Sleep, in short, the same as every day.

Get ahead of tasks

Be organized. If you leave everything ready the day before, in 5 minutes you can be ready to go. Take your clothes and shoes out of the closet and fill your bottle. In short, organize yourself so that you have to spend as little time as possible in the morning.

Make someone force you

Look for company. The pains in company are more bearable. If you manage to convince a friend to accompany you to exercise in the morning, both of you will force yourself to overcome laziness and comply with what has been agreed. Also, the riding will be more bearable with a good conversation

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Vary your training

Avoid routines. Vary your exercises. Look for attractive circuits, set goals and objectives to overcome, even introduce running or swimming as alternatives to cycling. Constantly varying it will help you stay motivated and not throw in the towel after a few weeks.

Getting up early is easier if you know why you do it

Set yourself a long-term goal. Have a motivation in your head, something to strive for. Whether it's achieving a certain time or result in any competition, or simply completing it, challenges are the best incentive to touch our pride and inspire us to work hard day in and day out.

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What do you think about our tips for getting up early and exercising? Do you follow any of them? Do you have other methods? We read you on our social networks!



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