Van der Poel is no longer very interested in the CX

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The current CX World Champion and " bike prodigy ", Mathieu Van der Poel talked a few days ago in the Van Hier tot Tokyo program of Ziggo Sport and there he made some statements in which he said that cyclocross does not interest him as much as it used to. He says this just at the start of his CX season and before the beginning of a year 2021 that could be the last one in which he will compete in 3 disciplines as different as CX, MTB and road.

Mathieu Van der Poel is no longer so interested in cyclocross

During the interview he confirmed that in the hard fall he experienced in the Brugge-De Panne, he suffered a small concussion that forced him to stop completely for 2 weeks. When asked what he did in those two weeks of "holiday", the Dutchman replied: "It was easy for me not to pedal those two weeks as I was still recovering from a minor concussion. What did I do in those two weeks? I played video games a lot and watched some TV shows with my girlfriend. We couldn't leave because the restaurants were closed, among other things". Also, at the last minute he decided to take a few days off in Dubai "It was good that we did that. The weather was nice and that made me feel good".

And about how he felt those weeks, Van der Poel explained that "I've only gained two kilos and now the cyclo-cross season is coming, so not too bad, if we weren't talking about CX I'd be at a great disadvantage". And he added: "I have already achieved the goals I wanted to achieve with cyclocross. I no longer live the cyclo-cross season as I used to. I realise that my goals are now focused on mountain biking and road cycling".

Let's remember that in 2021 Van der Poel's plans include making his debut in the Tour de France and competing in the Tokyo Olympic Games on mountain bikes. The latter was a goal that, if it had been achieved in 2020, could have served as the starting point for Van der Poel's mountain biking, who, despite enjoying alternating between so many different disciplines, can now specialise more and more in road cycling. On some occasions we have heard him say that the move to competition mountain biking, coming from the road or the CX, is the one that involves the most hours of his training and that is why he has not done any MTB races in 2020.



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Van der Poel ya no está tan interesado en el CX