We test the new BMC Twostroke 01 ONE with SRAM's latest groupset, a hardtail with a full suspension mtb soul

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Talking about BMC means talking about Swiss quality and precision. The company has been proving its expertise for many years and each of its models exudes character from all sides. Its hardtail model, the Twostroke, has many interesting details and an innovative and truly radical geometry. Now a new assembly with the SRAM GX Eagle AXS groupset has arrived in their catalogue and we've been able to test it.

Ineos-Grenadiers rider Tom Pidcock competed with this bike at the last World Cup in Albstadt, and although his set-up was very different from the Twostroke 01 ONE we tested, both share the same frame and concept.

BMC Twostroke 01 ONE a hardtail with a full suspension soul

We have here a carbon frame with a very original design, something very valuable if we take into account the very similar styles between models of other brands. Aesthetically, its angular lines and pronounced edges on all its tubes stand out. 

In the construction of the frame they have sought the best balance between stiffness, lightness, comfort and performance. To do so, they have based themselves on the concept they call TCC - Tuned Compliance Concept, with which they already designed their road frames and which now takes the step to MTB with the Tuned Compliance Concept XC. This design concept seeks to eliminate fatigue by allowing some vertical absorption while maintaining excellent lateral stiffness.

If we look at the frame, and looking for the stiffness we are talking about, we see a diagonal tube of really generous dimensions that leads to the bottom bracket, hugging it from end to end. This PF92 bottom bracket allows the frame to house the bearings inside it, giving greater width to the area and achieving greater stiffness.

In addition, the PressFit 92 bottom bracket allows the chainstays to be anchored to it with greater clearance, providing stiffness and achieving a very generous wheel arch that follows the current line in terms of big-ball tyres, without fear of problems with mud.

Continuing with the Tuned Compliance Concept XC, they have given the seatpost a D-shaped profile that makes it more comfortable. This does not prevent us from mounting a telescopic seatpost, as they have thought about it and offer an adapter so that the frame can accommodate a 27.2mm seatpost with its internal wiring.

And of course the frame is prepared to house the rest of the wiring inside, although in this case only the brake hose runs, as it is fitted with a Sram AXS wireless groupset.

The frame has other quality details to highlight such as its integrated chainstay and down tube protection, as well as a perfect chain guide to avoid accidents without adding much weight. And don't be mistaken into thinking that because it's a hardtail it will be used more sparingly, as its geometry is really radical and the BMC Twostroke 01 ONE is designed to attack any terrain and difficulty without cutting a hair's breadth.

In the search for performance in difficult areas, they have given this frame a geometry that only with its 67º head tube we can see the brand's commitment to go a little further than the current trends. The seat tube has an angle of 75º which, together with its straight seatpost, places us in a natural attacking position.

With the ultra-short 425mm chainstays, they have managed to reach a figure that was the standard with 26" wheels but which with 29" requires a very well thought-out design, and even more so if the wide wheel arch of this frame is preserved.

Despite these short chainstays, due to the steering angle and the generous reach of this frame, we have a very long wheelbase at 1135mm in size M. In theory this provides stability but we still knew how it would affect handling. In theory this provides stability but we didn't yet know how it would affect manoeuvrability. 

High-level assembly for an extraordinary frame

The BMC Twostroke 01 ONE is at the top of the Twostroke range but has certain concessions that place it at a price that is by no means exorbitant. The whole set-up is performance-oriented without going over the top. And without resorting to excessively "luxurious" components, they have achieved a competition bike with great performance and a very low weight. On our scales, size M came in at 9.64 kg without pedals.

The Twostroke 01 ONE is equipped with the Rock Shox SID SL Select+ fork with OneLock remote control. A fork that in this version enjoys a very remarkable smoothness. Being the SL version it has the pure XC chassis with 32mm bars, which gives it a great lightness without lacking sufficient stiffness for aggressive XC use.

The DT Swiss XR1700 wheels with DT 350 hubs are not made of carbon, but they are a real guarantee in terms of reliability.

We really liked the brand's own components. The 76cm carbon handlebar with unidirectional matte finish gives us extra control thanks to its width, the stem with a flattened shape and 2-bolt clamp is aesthetically very attractive, and the seatpost also has a very successful design with a simple and reliable head and a D-profile that provides comfort, in fact, exerting pressure on the saddle you can see a slight flex that translates into comfort when riding. 

And to culminate a very well selected assembly, the BMC Twostroke 01 ONE is fitted with the new Sram GX AXS groupset. A recently introduced groupset that brings electronic and wireless technology to a wider public, it has the same technology as its superior versions but with a few extra grams on the scales.

An interesting detail is the Rocker version of the shifter, which provides greater ergonomics. The cassette chosen is the 10/52, which offers more range in exchange for a greater jump in the large sprocket. And it mounts a 34-tooth chainring on its Sram GX carbon crankset.

Ready for take-off with the BMC Twostroke 01 ONE 

The lines of this MTB are inspired by fighter planes, which fits the character of a bike that feels responsive from the very first moment. And not just because it's a hardtail, but because its lightness and the great stiffness of its bottom bracket area make the transmission of power from the pedals to the rear wheel clearly felt. 

The position on the bike is pure performance thanks to the short head tube, although we're not as stretched out as we might expect from the generous reach because it's compensated by a short stem (60mm in size M) and the 75° saddle angle and straight seatpost puts us well above the bottom bracket, bringing us closer to the handlebars as well. The result is an attacking position that invites you to give it your all on every uphill climb. In fact, this bike invites you to pedal standing up because you can feel its great stiffness and the lockout of the new Rock Shox SID helps in this regard. The new generation SID has a "real" lockout and with it activated it feels like a fully stiff bike. By the way, we really liked the Rock Shox OneLock lockout control, which is simple, ergonomic and effective.

The BMC Twostroke 01 ONE feels good at high speeds. Its great stability and the posture we adopt on it encourage this. And BMC have also done a good job in terms of absorption, as the dry impacts on the rear end are somewhat attenuated. This is thanks to the frame design coupled with generous 2.25" balloon tyres and a seatpost that really absorbs shocks and vibrations.

And still on the subject of comfort, we have to praise the Rock Shox SID SL Select+, as they have greatly improved its smoothness and therefore its behaviour in the event of small bumps. Before, the SIDs seemed a bit clunky, with a very racing feel that riders especially liked, but many amateur cyclists found them not very comfortable. Now they have achieved a feel that is sure to please the majority, without having lost their effectiveness on big impacts.

Another factor that helps when riding fast is the Vittoria Barzo 2.25" tyres. They have an excellent compromise between grip and low rolling resistance and the trendy cream-coloured sidewalls give the Twostroke an attractive look

It's time to ride the trails to see if we can find any weaknesses in the BMC. And the truth is that we enjoyed it 100%. Its geometry gives us a lot of confidence on complicated downhills and, although its length could be a handicap when it comes to getting it into tight corners, the truth is that its lightness and reactivity compensate for it to a great extent. Of course, we would have loved to test it with a telescopic seatpost, as with this geometry it's really demanding it, and it would make it a really difficult hardtail to beat on technical downhills.

And when the trails are uphill, we do notice that its steering angle slows down its reactions a little when we are going at low speed. You have to anticipate a bit with your body position in order to steer well on uphill trails. However, its upright saddle angle and low handlebar position help in these situations.

As for the performance of the Sram GX AXS groupset, we can only say that it is no different from the superior groupsets that we have already tested on many occasions with an impeccable result. Just a few grams more and many euros less.

The Sram Level TLM brakes have given us confidence throughout and have a very good feel. Far from the overly spongy feel of other Sram models, these Levels have a perfect balance between sharpness and ease of modulation. 

Final conclusions 

The days we've been riding the BMC Twostroke 01 ONE have made us realise that performance and fun don't have to be contradictory. Years ago, racing bikes were all nerves, difficult to handle and very uncomfortable. However, thanks to the evolution of carbon and new trends in geometry, they are no longer torture horses.

But this BMC goes one step further. Without being a full suspension, it is a bike with which you can enjoy every trail and every technical area. It brings a comfort that is unusual for a hardtail, while retaining its racing character.

It has a very wide range of use, as it is perfect for racing, as it offers a performance that is hard to beat and at the same time it is comfortable for cyclists who prefer the simplicity of a hardtail, especially if they like to release the brakes on the downhills. We did, however, miss the telescopic seatpost that we're so used to.

The rest of the Twostroke 01 family consists of four other models, with an entry price of €999. There are also two Twostroke AL models, with aluminium frames starting at €1199.

BMC Twostroke 01 ONE GX Eagle AXS: specifications and price

  • Frame: Twostroke 01 Premium “Tuned Compliance Concept XC”
  • Fork: Rock Shox SID Select+
  • Shifters: Sram GX Eagle AXS
  • Cassette: Sram GX Eagle 10-52
  • Rear derailleur: Sram GX Eagle AXS
  • Bielas: Sram GX Eagle carbon 34T
  • Brakes: Sram Level TLM
  • Handlebar: BMC MFB01 carbon 760mm
  • Stem: BMC MSM01
  • Seatpost: Twostroke 01 Premium carbon D-Shaped. 0mm Offset
  • Saddle: Fizik Antares R7
  • Rims: DT Swiss XR1700, 25mm
  • Tires: Vittoria Barzo 2,25
  • Price: 5499€

BMC Twostroke



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