Van der Poel returns and wins the Short Track of the Les Gets World Cup

Mountain bike 12/07/19 20:49 Migue A.

The men's short track event of the Les Gets World Cup was marked by the return of Mathieu Van de Poel to the MTB World Cup and he did not disappoint. Van der Poel controlled the race from start to finish and won "easily".

Van der Poel wins the Short Track of the Les Gets World Cup

Nino Schurter and Van der Poel attract all eyes in the starting line, but the lights went green and the Brazilian Avancini took the first position.

Lap 2 of 9 started with Sebastian Fini pulling the group and followed closely by Schurter and Van der Poel. There was a false calm in which everyone restrained themselves from not being the first one to attack.

Henrique Avancini took the lead position during lap 3 and an amazing David Valero took the lead on lap 4, breaking the group and opening a hole in some climb.

On lap 7, Valero stepped back and the Belgian champion Jens Schuermans tried his luck pulling the group, but Schurter, Avancini and Van der Poel did not let anyone go. It was at the end of this same lap when we first saw Van der Poel take the lead position for the first time.

On lap 8, Schurter unleashed the race with a hard attack on the finish line, but Avancini and Van der Poel responded quickly and the group was again compacted.

Again at the beginning of the last lap the attacks followed one another and Avancini got to get in front with Van der Poel stuck to his rear wheel and Schurter just behind.

Van der Poel controlled the race at his will and only in the last few meters he accelerated to win with a disconcerting easea

Mathieu Van der Poel attacked in the last meters and nobody could with his sprint. Van der Poel entered first, Avancini second and Victor Koretzky third.

Mathieu Van der Poel has left a strange feeling in which nobody really had any chance to win at any time, he controlled the race at his will and only in the last few meters accelerated to win with a facility that baffles.

Results XC Short Track Men - Les Gets 2019 World Cup

  1. Mathieu Van der Poel 21:51
  2. Henrique Avancini +0:01
  3. Victor Koretzky +0:02
  4. Nino Schurter +0:02
  5. Jens Schuermans +0:03
  6. Maxime Marotte +0:04
  7. David Valero Serrano +0:04
  8. Ondrej Cink +0:06
  9. Peter Disera +0:08
  10. Lars Forster +0:08




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Van der Poel regresa y gana el Short Track de la Copa del Mundo de Les Gets