Scott renews his aerodynamic helmet Cadence Plus

Road 07/03/24 16:00 Migue A.

When aerodynamic helmets are all the rage lately after the appearance of the controversial Giro time trial helmet, Scott launches its Cadence Plus, an aerodynamic helmet model for everyday use that, without resorting to solutions like those developed by other brands like Kask that seek to cover the ear area, manages to create a helmet that improves on the numbers of its previous model and, at the same time, is fully usable in all types of conditions.

More speed and versatility in the new Scott Cadence Plus helmet

When evolving their road aerodynamic helmets, brands are starting to find themselves at a crossroads: maximize aerodynamics or make the helmet versatile enough for daily use, regardless of whether it's cold or hot, so that we can benefit from its aerodynamic qualities at all times.

When creating the Scott Cadence Plus, the brand has prioritized the latter but under the condition of improving the aerodynamics of its previous model, something that, according to the figures obtained in the wind tunnel, is more than fulfilled reducing wind resistance by 5.2%, a figure that rises to 22% if we consider a wind incidence situation at 15°. All this in a much less bulky design than its predecessor since this new Scott Cadence Plus is a much more compact helmet, occupying 10% less volume than the previous model.

This smaller size of the helmet obviously has an impact on its final weight, something important in prioritizing versatility in daily use and leaving the scale at 280 g, remarkable for this type of helmet. Another important parameter in daily use, ventilation, is also specially taken care of, as demonstrated by the three generous air intakes on its front part. Openings that, like in previous models of the Scott Cadence Plus, we can cover, in this case with caps made through 3D printing to obtain greater comfort on colder days.

In addition, this Scott Cadence Plus has other details that elevate its level. We can highlight the use of a practical magnetic closure to secure the closure strap or the rear clip on which to place a rear light designed to integrate perfectly with this helmet and provide an extra level of safety on our outings.

It is worth mentioning that Scott incorporates in this new Cadence Plus the latest version of the MIPS system which, as you already know, protects the cyclist in case of a fall against impacts with rotational components, thus maintaining the highest level of safety.

This Scott Cadence Plus will be available only in three sizes S, M and L, and in four different colors: Ultra Purple, Granite Black, White/Black and Diamond Grey/Lime Green.



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