The monstrous new helmet of Visma is stealing all the attention

Road 04/03/24 15:53 Migue A.

Radical proposal from Giro for their new time trial helmet that Visma-Lease a Bike has debuted in the opening time trial of Tirreno-Adriatico and completely breaks with anything else we have seen before with the goal of further reducing, where each time the evolutions are smaller, the cyclist's wind resistance.

Giro breaks molds with their new time trial helmet debuted by Visma-Lease a Bike

We could define the new time trial helmet that Giro has created to improve the performance against the clock of the cyclists from Visma-Lease a Bike as indescribable, and raises the bar for impossible time trial helmets. A helmet that the Dutch team has debuted in the first stage of Tirreno-Adriatico and has not left anyone indifferent.

The characteristic of its design is that it extends and narrows towards the front trying to create a more refined entry profile that collects and guides the wind optimally towards the rear. It also has a wider structure, which opens at the bottom, and an upper part that, in a time trial position, remains completely flat, providing total continuity from the leading edge to the cyclist's back.

A spectacular design that has caught everyone's attention, especially because of the huge extension forward, which is completely innovative, if we analyze it thoroughly, it seems to combine design solutions from other helmets like the Specialized model, the S-Works TT5 that already caused a stir for using an under-helmet for optimal air guidance inside the helmet by the general lines seeking a very flat top and a sharp front, or the Poc Tempor time trial helmet from which it steals the idea of the widened rear lower part. In fact, among the many memes that have appeared on social media, there have been quite a few that have compared this design to that of some imperial helmets that appear in Star Wars movies.

However, despite the aerodynamic benefits of this new Giro helmet, fortunately, the legs continue to be the most important in the time trial competition and in the debut of this helmet in a race, the best cyclist from Visma Lease a Bike could only manage 9th place, 22 seconds behind a stellar Juan Ayuso, of course, a position that corresponded to Jonas Vingegaard in a time trial where the technique to navigate the difficult curves has prevailed over aerodynamics.



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