What the Tokyo Olympics MTB circuit looks like and what to expect on the race

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Less than 4 days before the first MTB race of the Tokyo Olympics, we have the first images of the favourites recognising the course on foot. A course that surprises us once again by reminding us of some of its wild technical sections and that can completely change the expectations of the favourites.

The Swiss national team was among the first to recognise the circuit.

First images of the recognition of the Tokyo MTB circuit on foot

Some, like Mathias Flueckiger, have been in Tokyo for almost a week already and others, like Mathieu van der Poel, have not yet arrived in the Japanese city. But most of the riders and teams have at least been in Tokyo for a few days now and have been able to start getting used to the high temperatures and extreme humidity.

Mathias Flueckiger was the first to arrive in Tokyo.

Today is the first day we have seen them recognised for the first time since the 2019 Olympic test event won by Nino Schurter and Jolanda Neff.

What is the circuit like?

The IZU course is located next to the Olympic velodrome and features wild Rock Gardens, some of which are very high. The course is 4km long and has a 180m elevation gain, and is expected to be a 7 or 9 lap race depending on weather conditions.

Aerial view of the IZU circuit

What to expect during the race

In 2019, Nino Schurter made a prediction about what the Tokyo race would be like. At the time he had just won the Olympic test event but his experience and vision of the future is still just as valid. Back then he said: the track will make the race break fast and there won't be an exciting fight to the finish.

The track can change completely from dry to wet.

Our list of favourites (men and women) could change completely if, as expected, rain makes an appearance. In that case it's hard to imagine what will happen when those huge Rock Gardens get wet.

Here you can find more information about each race.



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