Purito Rodríguez talks about the Orbea Orca OMX and OMR - do you really need a racing bike?

Road 19/04/21 16:05 Migue A.

The Orbea Orca is one of the most appreciated and popular road bikes among road enthusiasts and professionals, but sometimes it is difficult to choose between its OMR and OMX versions. This is the lightest and most capable racing model in the Orbea catalogue, and with road Product Manager Joseba Arizaga and cyclist Joaquim 'Purito' Rodríguez, a member of the Orbea Factory Team, we're going to find out what the real differences are between the two models.

Orbea Orca OMR vs OMX - what are their real differences?

OMX carbon is the material with which Orbea builds its top-of-the-range models; it is the best carbon fibre currently available and is intended for racing bikes with the best stiffness-to-weight ratio. But we often think that top-of-the-range bikes are the best for any rider, and that's not always the case. In this conversation we discover that the Orca OMR makes more sense for advanced amateur riders and Joseba Arizaga and Purito himself explain why. 

After watching the video and taking into account that the difference between the Orca OMX and Orca OMR frame is 300g and about 900€ at the moment, which one would you choose? We will read you on our social networks!



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Purito Rodríguez habla sobre las Orbea Orca OMX y OMR ¿de verdad necesitas una bicicleta de competición?