Advantages and disadvantages of the telescopic seatpost

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It took a few years for the telescopic seatpost to really take hold on the mountain bike. At the beginning it was only used for some modalities, like Enduro or Trail but nowadays it is widely used in all kind of mountain bikes, especially in XC.

The telescopic seatpost allows us to lower and raise it in movement and therefore completely adapt our bike to the type of riding or terrain. If you are still not sure whether you need a telescopic seatpost or not, here are the pros and cons.

Advantages and disadvantages of telescopic seatposts in mountain biking

When the first telescopic seatposts came out the hype was huge but its weight was high and the performance was not as perferct as expected. For this reason its application was reduced to DH or Enduro bikers in which weight was not a determining factor. However, with time, the models have been perfected and now there are many who carry it, even in modalities as demanding as the XC or XCM, so what are the advantages and disadvantages of the telescopic seatposts?

Advantages of the telescopic seatpost 

The two main advantages why you should decide to use a telescopic seatpost are that it offers greater safety and control.


From the handlebars you can lower or raise the saddle of your mountain bike and anticipate obstacles or complicated areas where the seatpost only obstructs your movements and puts your balance at risk.


With the seatpost down you will be able to pass through areas you were previously only able to walk through.

tija telescopica

Disadvantages of the telescopic seatpost

The cons of the telescopic seatposts are the same since their invention, the weight and maintenance, but over time they have improved a lot. Right now the advantages of a telescopic seatpost justify the weight increase, even for XC bikers. It is the same as with suspension forks, which are heavier and more maintenance intensive, but save more time than they used to.

In our opinion, if price is not the issue, we believe that the telescopic seatpost is a good item for any mountain bike enthusiast. Weight should not be a problem and maintenance is something that any biker knows he has to live with.



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