New Van Rysel glasses from Decathlon-AG2R La Mondiale: quality and super price

Road 24/01/24 17:36 Migue A.

Products created for Decathlon-AG2R La Mondiale continue to arrive in the French brand's catalog. It's now the turn of the new Van Rysel Roadr 900 Perf glasses, which have little to envy from market-leading models and, of course, come at the unbeatable price we are accustomed to from Decathlon.

Quality and style in the new Van Rysel glasses

Decathlon's arrival as the main sponsor of AG2R La Mondiale has meant that, obviously, the Lille firm has become the supplier of the bikes and all the material used by the French squad's cyclists.

A few months ago, the spectacular Van Rysel RCR Pro, which the team will use, went on sale and other products such as the Van Rysel RCR Pro shoes or, a few days ago, the spectacular Van Rysel FCR road aerodynamic helmet have gradually been added to the brand's catalog.

Now it's the turn of the Van Rysel Roadr 900 Perf glasses that we will see being used by the Decathlon-AG2R cyclists and that, at first glance, catch our attention for their minimalist frame and temples design. This means that, despite being a model with a large full screen, following the trend in cycling glasses design that is currently in vogue, these Van Rysel glasses weigh just 22.8 g.

The Van Rysel Roadr 900 Perf glasses feature a polycarbonate screen with a category 3 tint, which means it is designed to be used on sunny days, being able to filter up to 88% of the received light and, of course, it offers full protection against harmful UV rays. A lens that also has an anti-scratch treatment to improve the durability of these Van Rysel glasses.

For the moment, they are only available with this type of lens although, looking at the range of Van Rysel glasses in the Decathlon catalog, it is not ruled out that a version with a photochromic lens will soon be added to meet the team's needs in the coming months when they will still have to face many bad weather days when glasses continue to be an essential element to protect the cyclist's eyes.

The Van Rysel Roadr 900 Perf glasses are already available in the Decathlon store network or, directly, you can purchase them through their website at the unbeatable price of 59.99 euros.



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