New Van Rysel FCR: €99.99 for a World Tour aero helmet

Road 22/01/24 20:36 Migue A.

The arrival of Decathlon to the World Tour as the main sponsor of AG2R has not resulted in an increase in the price of their products, but it has in their quality. Now you can find the same aero helmet, the Van Rysel FCR, that the cyclists of the French team will use in your favorite store and at an unbeatable price.

Van Rysel FCR, the aero helmet from Decathlon-AG2R La Mondiale now on sale

With the importance of aerodynamics in current cycling, it is essential for all teams to have an aerodynamic helmet for road use in the daily equipment of cyclists. This implies that, in addition to improving air penetration, it must be sufficiently ventilated so as not to affect the performance of cyclists on the hottest days.

To supply the Decathlon-AG2R La Mondiale, the French brand has developed its aero helmet Van Rysel FCR whose design has been validated in the wind tunnel to guarantee its effectiveness and also ensures the necessary ventilation thanks to three generous front openings that are complemented by two smaller ones and two located on the side, the latter, designed to be able to place the Van Rysel Road 900 glasses in them if the cyclist needs it.

In addition, it adds another curious opening at the top of the helmet, which will surely have a more aerodynamic purpose than ventilation. The hot air is expelled from the back through three wide openings.

From its construction, it is worth highlighting the use of three in-mold shells: the upper shell, another lower one that adds durability to the set and a third group of shells for the side air openings, a detail of a high-end helmet.

As in most modern helmets, its rear retention system is anchored quite forward to wrap the head as much as possible and allow optimal fixation. Adjustment that is complemented by straps with a plastic Y-shaped piece under the ears, undoubtedly the best method to avoid discomfort between the straps and the ears and that allow us to forget about those complicated adjustments so that the helmet is straight and with both straps at the same height.

Despite being an aerodynamic helmet, Decathlon does not neglect the weight and, in size S, the smallest of the three available, the brand declares a weight of only 250 g. In addition, there will be the option to purchase it with the MIPS system. A helmet that has an unbeatable price, especially considering the level of construction of it, of only 99.99 €.



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