New Orbea Urrun: an eMTB without limits

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Orbea announces the launch of the second generation of the Urrun. This new batch maintains the same geometry except for some changes such as a more generous reach, equipped with the Shimano EP801 RS Gen2 MC motor and a 630 Wh battery. The range consists of three models and starts at 3,899 euros.

Orbea Urrun: the evolution of an uncomplicated eMTB

The first version of the Urrun arrived at Orbea two years ago. The brand then opted for a practical and functional model, proud to prioritize simplicity over performance and sophistication. Now, the manufacturer from Mallabia repeats the formula with an evolution that continues the same concept and, despite the changes and novelties, remains faithful to the characteristics of its predecessor.

The Orbea Urrun is a rigid electric bike that champions simplicity as one of its main reasons for being. It is a bike designed for those starting out in MTB or for those who prioritize fun above all, allowing for the addition of mudguards and panniers according to the rider's needs.

The most outstanding feature of the Urrun is undoubtedly the motor. Orbea has opted for the acclaimed Shimano EP801 RS Gen2 Mountain Control -the same one also used in the Rise-. The brand ensures it has the highest autonomy in its category and highlights attributes such as the naturalness of assistance, marked by a careful balance between simplicity, power, and weight. The torque is now increased to 85 Nm and offers two driving modes.

On one hand, the RS mode -maximum torque of 54 Nm- maximizes autonomy with assistance suitable for the cadence range where the body performs optimally; on the other hand, the RS+ mode -maximum torque of 85 Nm- provides assistance on technical sections, difficult climbs, or when the cyclist needs an extra boost.

The power delivery can be adjusted through the settings available in the Shimano e-Tube app.

The Urrun is powered by a 630 Wh battery, initially developed for the Rise. Efforts were focused on pursuing the desired goal of any manufacturer: a smaller and lighter unit with greater capacities. Combining both apparently opposing attributes is the result of applying technology that gives the battery the highest energy density in the market, according to Orbea itself.

The battery capacity has been increased by 16% without increasing the weight. Additionally, the new 210 Wh Range Extender only adds 1.1 kg.

The frame is another factor to consider, as it has been given a certain flexibility to make it more comfortable; all tubes have double or triple butting, are hydroformed, and have polished welds. The rear triangle offers more elasticity, helping to absorb impacts.

Urrun is designed around a 120 mm fork. The geometry maintains the same numbers as the first generation in key measurements: 66° head angle, 74.5° seat angle, 445 mm chainstays, 630 mm stack, and reach -here is a change- of 430 mm.

The sloping and longer reach add stability in descents and faster, rough sections. Another measurement that varies is the length of the seat tube -which goes from 453 to 420 mm- to make the bike easier to control on descents or with loaded panniers.

Orbea Urrun: models, setups, and prices

The Urrun is available in four sizes -S, M, L, and XL- and two colors -Matt Magnetic Bronze and Gloss Tanzanite-. Beyond the two models detailed in this section, there is a third one named H40 which is actually the previous version; that is, with the first-generation RS motor, the previous 540 Wh battery, and the previous frame.

Orbea Urrun H10

  • Fork: Marzocchi Bomber Z2 120 QR15x110 E-Bike Optimized
  • Motor: Shimano EP801 RS Gen2 MC
  • Battery: Orbea Internal 630Wh
  • Crankset: Alloy EP8/6 32
  • Brakes: Shimano M6100 Hydraulic Disc
  • Derailleur: Shimano XT M8100 SGS Shadow Plus
  • Saddle: Fizik Aidon 208x145mm manganese rai
  • Seatpost: OC Mountain Control MC22, 31.6mm, Dropper
  • Wheels: Alloy, Tubeless, 29”, 29c, 32H
  • Tires: Schwalbe Wicked Will Evo TLE, 29x2.40 Super Race, Speed Grip, Addix, Brown
  • Price: 4,799 euros

Orbea Urrun H20

  • Fork: Marzocchi Bomber Z2 120 QR15x110 E-Bike Optimized
  • Motor: Shimano EP600 RS Gen2 MC
  • Battery: Orbea Internal 630Wh
  • Crankset: Alloy EP8/6 32t
  • Brakes: Shimano MT201 Hydraulic Disc
  • Derailleur: Shimano Cues U6000 GS Shadow
  • Saddle: Fortune QF-3091
  • Seatpost: OC Mountain Control MC22, 31.6mm, Dropper
  • Wheels: Alloy, Tubeless, 29”, 29c, 32H
  • Tires: Schwalbe Smart Sam Performance, 29x2.35, Addix, Black
  • Price: 3,899 euros

You can find more information on the Orbea website.




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