The Orbea Rise 2025 comes with a new frame, more autonomy, more power, and just as lightweight

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The market for electric mountain bikes changed radically about 4 years ago with the appearance of the first lightweight models, bikes with assistance that prioritized sensations over autonomy and power. This category has been the favorite of many riders since then, and the Orbea Rise has been a reference in it. The Rise 2025 has been updated to continue leading the way.

Key features of the Orbea Rise 2025

  • New carbon frame: stiffer, new geometry, and more travel with the same weight
  • Two models (LT and SL) with 150 and 140mm of rear travel
  • New Shimano EP Rider Synergy Gen2 system
  • Maximum torque increased to 85 Nm
  • New 630wh and 430wh batteries
  • More autonomy
  • Price starting from €7,999

The Orbea Rise 2025 improves in autonomy, handling, and stiffness, offering the incredible sensation of riding an eMTB without assistance

The Orbea Rise 2025 comes with a completely redesigned frame that is stiffer, has an updated geometry, and more travel. All of this is aimed at making the riding sensation as natural as possible.

In this sense, the Shimano EP motors of the Rise 2025 integrate Orbea's new generation RS firmware. A configuration specifically made by and for Orbea that offers the most natural setting possible for this motor but with an increase in maximum torque now reaching up to 85 Nm. The customized batteries offer the highest energy density on the market, resulting in huge autonomy for a lightweight eMTB.

This lightness and natural assistance is what Orbea has achieved to say that the Rise 2025 is "Less E, more bike".

What's new in the Orbea Rise 2025

The Orbea Rise introduces a new frame in its obsession with improving natural handling

During the development of the Rise 2025, the main objective was the same as in a non-assisted Trail bike, to improve the handling on it and of course, that its electric system does not interfere with these sensations. For this reason, Orbea has introduced a new frame with four key points.

Tuned stiffness: Without being too rigid, the Rise has improved this parameter in the necessary areas to enhance its performance. The new Rise 2025 has increased the stiffness of the front triangle by 8% and the rear triangle by 14%. The brand ensures that this is the sweet spot that makes the new Rise rigid enough to take corners and brake precisely but not too much, which would limit grip and increase fatigue.

Asymmetric design: The new Rise frame introduces the asymmetric design that we have already seen in other Orbea models, such as the Occam and Rallon. The position of the reinforcement, along with the SBS battery design, increases torsional stiffness and makes the Rise a more precise bike with better control.

Stiffness for each size: As mentioned earlier, stiffness alone is not a quality that translates into performance on its own. It must be just right in every situation, and that's why the Rise 2025 has been adapted for each size. This way, any rider will have the same sensations regardless of their height.

The redesign of the interior and exterior of the vertical tube has been key to increasing the travel in the telescopic seatposts

Long-travel seatposts: Steep 'n' deep has set a new standard in bike design. The ability to fit long-travel telescopic seatposts has always been a priority for Orbea, and the brand's Steep 'n' deep has set a new standard in the Rise 2025. Now, seatposts from 200 mm can be used, and in sizes L and XL, a surprising travel of 230 mm can be achieved.

New Rider Synergy Gen2

Since the first version of the Rise, Orbea has opted to configure the Shimano EP8 motors with its own firmware, thus customizing and optimizing the most natural and elastic assistance with the best battery range for all types of routes.

The new Rider Synergy. RS Gen2 is at the heart of the motto "Less e, more bike" and translates into more natural assistance and longer rides. The essence of Lightweight eMTBs lies in knowing how to balance power and autonomy, and Orbea has managed to increase both in the Rise 2025 without sacrificing weight or sensations.

Compact, powerful, and with assistance so natural that it will make you think you have improved as a cyclist rather than relying on assistance

The first version of the Rise offered a motor torque of 54Nm, and with this firmware and next-generation electronics, the Rise 2025 now comes with a motor of up to 85Nm. Orbea ensures that thanks to the instant power delivery, free of delay (lag), the increase in power does not feel less natural. In fact, in tests, cyclists perceive that pedaling feels more natural at low cadences typical of technical trails or steep climbs. Rise offers 15% more power delivered at low cadences compared to the previous model. The new range comes preconfigured with two driving modes:

  • The RS mode offers a maximum torque of 54 Nm, configured for the most demanding rides with natural and elastic assistance delivered in the cadence range where your body works optimally.
  • The RS+ mode uses a torque of 85 Nm to offer handling that remains natural and powerful when pedaling harder.

Like the previous version, the Rise 2025 does not have a display, and both modes can be configured with the Shimano E-Tube app.

New batteries and more autonomy

The new Rs Gen2 assistance optimizes autonomy by providing energy when needed and saving it when not needed, but it is obvious that batteries play a key role in this equation.

The latest generation of Orbea batteries offers the highest energy density on the market, and the brand ensures that they provide 16% more assistance per gram.

Main 630Wh battery VS 420Wh

The Orbea Rise 2025 comes with different battery options in its assembly:

  • 420Wh battery, for the lightest ride. Those looking for the best handling and the lightest Rise will choose the 420Wh battery and can use the new Range Extender for longer weekend rides.
  • 630Wh battery, for maximum autonomy: Those looking for the highest possible autonomy will choose the 630Wh battery. Of course, since the weight of the rider significantly affects autonomy, larger individuals can choose the 630Wh option.
  • The 210Wh Range Extender will be an easy way to add autonomy for more demanding rides. Smaller than a water bottle and weighing just 1.1 kg.
630Wh battery plus 210Wh Range Extender

Two Rise models: SL with 140 mm and LT with 150 mm

The Orbea Rise 2025 is presented as a Trail eMTB, but nowadays the lines between disciplines are becoming increasingly blurred, and it all comes down to each rider's preferences. That's why Orbea presents the new Rise in two versions: SL with 140mm of rear travel and LT with 150mm.


The Rise LT is the perfect model for those who devour trails. A 160mm fork and a 150mm rear shock offer an aggressive modern Trail geometry. Orbea has increased the suspension curve progressivity by 23%, giving it great balance to be a Trail bike. It works well with both air and coil shocks.

The Orbea Rise SL is the perfect model for riders looking for flow on every trail. With a carbon shock extender to change the suspension kinematics, Rise SL offers 140mm of rear travel with a bit more anti-squat to further improve pedaling efficiency. This matches with a 140mm Fox 34 fork.

Orbea Rise 2025: models and prices

The Orbea Rise comes with more options than ever, starting with the choice of LT and SL and the variables multiply with the MyO configurator, being able to choose the perfect dropper post for each rider, choose the XT Di2 groupset to take advantage of the Shimano automatic shifting, spend some time deciding the handlebars and stem. Here are the 4 standard models, all with carbon frame, of this Orbea Rise 2025 that start at 7,999€ and go up to 10,999€.

  • Orbea RISE LT M-TEAM - 10,999€
  • Orbea RISE LT M10 - 8,4999€
  • Orbea RISE SL M-LTD - 11,999€
  • Orbea RISE SL M10 - 7,999€

You can see all the setup options and possible configurations on Orbea's official website by entering the model and accessing the MyO configurator.



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