Mondraker introduces MIND, a revolutionary integrated telemetry system including anti-theft device

Mountain bike 09/02/21 16:10 Migue A.

The Alicante manufacturer Mondraker has just presented MIND, a telemetry system for mountain bikes integrated into the bike itself and that at first glance could create a trend. With it we can forget about adjusting the suspension by feeling, but it goes further, with MIND it is possible to know which is the best line on a downhill and incorporates a complete anti-theft and tracking system.

Mondraker MIND, a revolutionary integrated MTB telemetry system

Imagine that you have no idea how to adjust the fork or shock of a mountain bike, and that after a ride you only need to look at your mobile phone to find out what you need to do to get the most out of your MTB. This is exactly what Mondraker MIND will make possible.

MIND is the first integrated telemetry device for mountain bikes, and for the moment it will only be available on Mondraker's two reference models with full suspension: Foxy Carbon and Crafty Carbon.

How the Mondraker MIND works

The system consists of 4 wireless elements that collect all the information and then transmit it to the mobile app.

The main hardware unit is hidden inside the steerer tube and includes the front sensor which in turn reads the strength of the magnetic field given out by the magnet placed on the top of the fork legs. There is a small sensor at the back fixed to the top linkage of the Zero suspension system which works in conjunction with.a magnet fixed to the main pivot point.

After each ride, MIND sends the data to myMondraker via Bluetooth, where the user can intuitively analyse the information and adjust the SAG of the suspension by following the app's instructions or by a led light code on the device that informs whether the air preload of the fork or shock absorber needs to be increased or decreased.

It is important to note that each bike is configured independently according to its characteristics and each MIND unit is unique and non-transferable, associated exclusively with the serial number of each model.

This system also includes a GPS chip with its own connectivity that geolocates the MTB independently, without consuming data or smartphone battery. This GPS unit allows MIND to have more precise details about distance, slope, speed, time in the air during a jump, etc. With all this data, you get very valuable information for the cyclist with which, for example, you can know which route is the most suitable for you on a repetitive descent or if you need to improve your technique or readjust your suspension in certain situations.

The total weight of the Mondraker MIND is 199g and it offers a battery life of more than 20 hours of continuous operation and more than 15 days of standby time.

MIND is also a powerful anti-theft device

But this is not the end of the new system's virtues. It also works as an anti-theft device. By activating the alarm function on the smartphone, MIND will alert the user if the bike registers any movement and will track its position.

We'll have to wait and see, but it certainly looks like integrated telemetry may have finally arrived on the popular mountain bike. With MIND, anyone who doesn't know what SAG is will be able to ride their MTB perfectly optimised.



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Mondraker presenta MIND, un revolucionario sistema de telemetría integrado con antirrobo incluido