An image of the supposed new Supercaliber Trek is leaked

Mountain bike 11/06/19 19:00 Migue A.

In the Nove Mesto World Cup, the bikers of the Trek Factory Racing XC team, with Jolanda Neff at the helm, were riding with a new and mysterious model of full suspension mountain bike.

Even without an official name, in several forums it has been leaked that it could be a new Trek Supercaliber and it would be purely destined to XC. In addition, an image has been published of what would be the final model. At this time, we do not know if it is real or not.

This image of the supposed Trek Supercaliber has been spread in forums the last few weeks, but does not come from any official source

Is this a real image of the Trek Supercaliber or just rumors?

The engineers of Trek were in charge of hiding under a black plastic the rear suspension system of this MTB. But everything points to the fact that the new Trek Supercaliber (we'll call it that until we know what name Trek's finally give it) could be an improved version of the softail concept.


In fact, this new Supercaliber could not even be called softail since that type of mountain bikes are characterized by having no turning point in the rear triangle, it is the very flexibility of seat stays and chain stays that absorbs the impacts.

In this case the Supercaliber will be a very light mountain bike, a full suspension model with shock absorber and rear turning point. This point is located just at the junction of the chain stays over bottom bracket zone and in front of the vertical tube of the saddle.

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Aquí tenéis en primicia el nuevo prototipo full suspensión del @trekfactoryracingxc para la Copa del Mundo de Nove Mesto. ¿Que os parece?

Una publicación compartida de Brujula Bike (@brujulabike) el

In turn, the seat stays would go directly, without a link, to a shock absorber almost parallel to the horizontal tube and we could say that its traveled will not be more than 80mm.

After seeing that Trek has renewed its Topfuel 2020 focused on a more Trail use, and that the entire XC team is already competing with this "Supercaliber", we may have official news in a short time. We will see if in the Vallnord World Cup the mystery is finally uncovered.



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