5 ways to burn fat as a cyclist

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Dates are approaching when, sooner or later, we will all want to burn fat, a fat that unless we are very strict we will inevitably take. There are several ways to burn that fat as a cyclist, and today we list 5 of these strategies to do it.


5 ways to burn fat in cycling

Training more

The first two aspects are limited to the question of physical exercise. Of course there is another way, that of nutrition, which we will address in other points. Now, first of all, the clearest and most obvious advice, the one we all have clear, is to train more to burn fat. Fat, simply put, burns very slowly and needs other things to be burned first.


It's a crude overview, but with a real foundation, so training more is a surefire tool for burning fat. Training more is not enough, but it is the first step. We say that it's not enough, because to burn fat this training has to have certain characteristics so that it burns fat in addition to glycogen and carbohydrates.

Training harder

Yes, it is not contradictory. The best way to burn fat is to train more and train longer, but it's also useful to balance intensity and duration. Interval sessions can help fat burning, because the calorie intake is significantly higher.


Studies have proven it: putting intervals into a training session of about 45 minutes almost doubles the fat burn. So, you know, don't get comfortable, don't think that just by doing long routes you'll burn more fat. Putting in a few short 10-minute workouts with more intensity will exponentially increase your fat burn.

More muscle

Here it would be a matter of exchanging fat for muscle. You're not going to lose weight, but we're talking about losing body fat, not weight. The fact is that muscle mass is faster, more active, than fat, so increasing this mass causes and leads to higher rates of fat burning. Come on, you burn fat faster, even if we are talking about the same fat.


So don't forget about the gym or weights these weeks, because combined with a decent diet and well thought-out workouts, it can save your fitness.

Intermittent fasting

It is a valid strategy as long as it is carried out with caution and prescribed by professionals, because it has its risks.


But well used, intermittent fasting is a great fat burner. Fasting training causes your body to irretrievably pull on your fat reserves. It should be a workout of less than an hour and at a constant, medium intensity. But the results are always good, as the rest of the deposits are empty, your metabolism burns the fat and its bonds to produce energy, so although this process is slower, it works to burn fat as a cyclist.

Fat-free diet

And, of course, besides training and fasting sometimes, the other clear point is the fat you ingest. Try to make sure that it's mostly vegetable, that the amounts are very controlled, and that these amounts are the right ones, the burnable ones we'd say.


Because all the fat you eat and don't burn, as you might expect, goes into your fat reserves, which is precisely what we want to eliminate. So these weeks, healthy food, low fat, mainly vegetable and always quality, and control about its entry into your body.

Losing fat as a cyclist will quickly make you better

It is essential to have a fat reserve, but just the right one. The more you build up muscle mass, the better you measure your glycogen and carbohydrate intake for your routes and the better you consume the fat you still have, the better shape you'll achieve.


Of course, it's not about entering a state of pure obsession, but a control of the fat, both the one you eat and the one you burn. These five tricks that we propose, many of them for longer workouts, or shorter and more intense, or combined with fasting, will make fat not a problem for you.



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