Jumbo-Visma's exclusive Lazer helmet for Paris-Roubaix 2023

Road 07/04/23 10:00 Migue A.

In a new push to raise awareness of the importance of helmet use on a bicycle, Jumbo-Visma will use a unique design on its Lazer helmets during Paris-Roubaix 2023. This action is part of the "Use your head" campaign carried out by the team, Lazer and Shimano.

Jumbo Visma's exclusive Lazer helmet for Paris-Roubaix 2023

Unfortunately it is all too common for some cycling accidents to result in brain damage, something the helmet can help prevent and something Shimano is willing to continue to bring visibility to.

For years Lazer and Team Jumbo-Visma have worked together to develop and research the best protection in bicycle helmets. The team is very happy to support this protection message and use its relevance to raise awareness: "Fortunately helmet use is no longer a controversial topic in the professional peloton, but outside the pros it is not yet so obvious. Helmets can prevent great misfortunes. We think it is very good to raise awareness of this issue as a team," stresses Richard Plugge, General Manager of the team.

The "Use Your Head" campaign is backed by the support of doctors at UMC Maastricht, who work on projects against brain damage and almost weekly treat cyclists who have had an accident, and can prove that those who wore helmets considerably minimize possible brain damage.

The Paris-Roubaix 2023 will be a perfect stage to maximize the visibility of the campaign and there Team Jumbo-Visma will wear this exclusive Lazer design representing a healthy brain.

The team's riders are very committed to the campaign, as cyclist Cory Labecki explains: "This action brings back good memories because my father used to tell me 'use your head' before every race. Unfortunately he is no longer alive, but he was my biggest fan and for me it is very special to race with a helmet that reminds me of my father."

You can find further information and images at useyourhead.cc.



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El exclusivo casco Lazer del Jumbo-Visma para la París-Roubaix 2023