Leaked giant Ekoi pedals that promise 8 watt savings

Road 30/01/24 16:37 Migue A.

The cyclists of the French continental team Nice Métropole Côte d'Azur were seen with some Ekoi pedals, one of their sponsors with a peculiar design due to its large platform and which, according to sources from the brand itself, would suppose a power saving of up to 8 watts by integrating to the maximum in the profile of the shoe.

The new Ekoi pedals break molds

The search for marginal gains by brands and teams is endless. Now it seems to be the pedals' turn as a possible source of improvement. If a few days ago Look, evolved its Keo Blade, one of the best automatic road pedals on the market, now the novelty comes from the most unexpected place.

The also French firm Ekoi, which has us accustomed to having very curious products, like this practical vest with fans to keep us cool on the turbo trainer, in addition to having a wide range of clothing and accessories, now adds a new pedal-shoe system with which it intends to achieve tangible advantages in this element usually forgotten in terms of performance.

The Ekoi pedals, as we say, come accompanied by specific shoes to house their specific cleats, something that is not a problem since Ekoi has long had shoes in its wide catalog. The Nice Métropole Côte d'Azur and Burgos-BH teams are testing the prototypes of these Ekoi pedals, in fact, the photos that have put them in everyone's mouth are from the French squad during one of their training sessions. Apart from that, as the director of Ekoi confessed to the French magazine Le Cycle, they offered the system to INEOS Grenadiers and UAE Team Emirates.

The Ekoi pedal project, called PW8, has required specific development over the last two years, since the inventor of the same presented himself at the offices of the French brand with his idea and they did not hesitate to support him. Pedals that, at first glance, as can be seen in the images, attract attention for their huge support platform. That, coupled with a minimum separation between the pedal axis and the foot, make the force transfer optimal.

In addition, the Ekoi pedals integrate perfectly into the line of the shoes, as we say, specific for the cleat system they use, reducing in turn the interaction with the wind. Among other things, the brand estimates that they offer a saving of 8 watts, a figure not negligible when we talk about competition where any advantage, however minimal, adds up in the overall count.

In any case, these Ekoi pedals are still far from being a production model, still being in the prototype phase and still many parameters to define according to the brand's director explained to Le Cycle. However, the French firm has thrown itself into the development of these Ekoi pedals, in which it has invested 2 million euros.



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