The 6 road clipless pedals with the best value for money

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We chose the 6 road clipless pedals to help you pedal in the most efficient way without spending too much money.

Get the most out of your strength with these 6 clipless pedals

The introduction of clipless pedals in the early 1980s, with those early Look pedals used by Bernard Hinault during the 1983 Tour de France, was a real revolution in the world of cycling, affecting something as essential as pedalling.

Until now, cyclists were attached to their bikes by means of rakes and cleats that prevented the foot from sliding over the pedal when force was applied, and the fastening was completed by straps.

Although it made pedalling more efficient, in the event of a crash, bicycle and rider were a unit that fell and hit each other together, sometimes causing serious injuries at a time when cyclists' heads were only covered by a cap or, at most, a leather cap.

Look was inspired by the bindings used in the world of skiing to create the first commercial clipless pedals which attached the rider to the bike in a much more solid way but which, in the event of a crash, would disengage under the force of the impact, preventing a lot of damage to the rider.

From those first models with huge cleats, with hardly any adjustment possibilities, we have evolved towards much lighter clipless pedals, with a lower profile to place the foot as far as possible from the pedal axle and thus make better use of the force exerted. Nowadays, pedals have multiple adjustment possibilities and a certain margin of lateral movement that avoids the knee injuries that many suffered in the early days of this component.

We have selected 6 models of clipless pedals that best meet the quality-price paradigm, combining low weight, solid construction and, of course, that do not involve a significant expenditure.

1. Shimano Ultegra PD-R8000

Despite not being the benchmark in the field of road clipless pedals, unlike in mountain biking, Shimano has gradually won fans among cyclists for its SPD-SL system. The large cleat that provides stability, both when pedalling and walking, and good durability are some of the arguments for pedals with an easy and clear engagement, a very intuitive extraction and the possibility of regulating the pedal tension. Pedals with a solid construction and tremendous reliability that will accompany us for many thousands of kilometres.

  • Price: 164,99 €
  • Weight: 248 g (the pair)
  • Features: Carbon composite body. Steel plate. Steel axle. Optional 4 mm longer axle.
  • Manufacturer's website:

2. Look Keo Blade Carbon

The pioneer brand in the introduction of clipless pedals is still the most common on our roads today. Some time ago, Look replaced the spring that held the cleat in its top of the range models with a carbon plate that acted as a spring and managed to take its pedals to the minimum expression. As standard they include plates of two hardnesses: 8 Nm and 12 Nm, although the brand has optional parts of 16 and 20 Nm, indicated for sprinters and track use.

  • Price: 134 €
  • Weight: 115 g (per pedal)
  • Features: Carbon plate locking system. Includes two hardness plates. Carbon body. Chromoly axle.
  • Manufacturer's website:

3. Wahoo Speedplay Comp

Speedplay pedals have been peculiar pedals since their early days, starting with the fact that the clamping system is located on the cleat and not on the pedal. This means that its body is minimalist. They also feature a double-sided clamping system that makes it much quicker to start pedalling without having to look for the pedal position. Speedplay are the models preferred by biomechanics due to the enormous adjustment possibilities offered by their cleat: rotation and angular freedom to the millimetre, Q factor, they have axles of different sizes, etc.

The only downside is having to use an adaptor piece in most shoes to anchor the cleat or resort to shoe models with specific anchoring, in which case we will benefit from a very reduced foot-pedal distance. On the other hand, they do not offer tension adjustment, which is determined by the hardness of the metal part of the cleat. This Comp model uses the Easy Tension cleat with an easier anchorage and release.

  • Price: 149,99 €
  • Weight: 232 g (the pair)
  • Features: Chromoly axle. Double-sided anchorage. Grivory thermoplastic resin body.
  • Manufacturer's website:

4. Exustar E-PR4ST

In the shadow of the popularity of Look pedals, many other brands have released their own models compatible with the Look Keo cleat system. One example is Exustar, which refers to its compatible cleats as EPS-R. In their range we can also find models compatible with Shimano cleats, called EPS-SL. In the case of these E-PR4ST, they occupy the middle part of an extensive range with an economical product but well resolved with details such as its lightweight thermoplastic body or the spring tension adjustment by means of an allen screw. In their design they also have a large contact surface between cleat and pedal as well as a reduced distance between the axle and the foot to favour a better use of the applied forces.

  • Price: 83,65 €
  • Weight: 270 g (the pair)
  • Features: Thermoplastic body, chromoly axle.
  • Manufacturer's website:

5. Btwin Roadr 520

Decathlon also does its bit to make cycling easier when it comes to clipless pedals. An economical model that offers a totally reliable operation thanks to its cleat system compatible with the Look Keo system. These Roadr 520 stand out for the wide support platform that they offer to the cleat and that results in a more stable pedalling. As usual in the spring models, we can adjust the tension of anchorage and release thanks to a small allen screw.

  • Price: 32,99 €
  • Weight: 130 g (per pedal)
  • Features: Polyamide body. Steel axle. Tension adjustment.
  • Manufacturer's website:

6. Time Xpresso 7

Although its pedal division is no longer owned by the French brand following the acquisition of the latter by SRAM, Time is another of the pioneering brands when it comes to clipless pedals. A few years ago they completely revamped the design of their pedals to create the Xpresso line which, just as the early designs tried to do, copies the operation of ski bindings. In this way their pedals have an open and a closed position in which the cleat is effectively locked in what they call the ICLIC system. The spring is a carbon plate which is available in three different hardnesses. The standard cleats offer a lot of freedom, so much that it even feels as if your feet are loose. For those who don't appreciate that feeling, there is also an option of fixed position cleats. The very light weight is worth mentioning.

  • Price: 127 €
  • Weight: 99 g (per pedal)
  • Features: Injected carbon body.
  • Manufacturer's website:

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