Diaphragm training with POWERbreathe

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Training your diaphragm plays an important role in your breathing as a cyclist. Here's you can find how to do it with POWERbreat.


Why the diaphragm is important in cycling

The diaphragm is responsible, very simply put, for controlling the musculature of a whole area whose mission is primarily to breathe in. It has more roles, but this parachute-shaped muscle located in the abdominal area is the most important respiratory muscle, because it expands the thoracic cavity so that the air enters the lungs without problems.


Therefore, training your diaphragm makes a big difference when your heart rate soars and your breathing speeds up on the bike. A strong, trained diaphragm will make it easier for you to breathe in and out.

In fact, knowing how to train the diaphragm has always been a science for the professionals who use it most, not only cyclists, but also professionals as different as singers. But beyond its role in breathing, the diaphragm is also fundamental for, in coordination with the core, bringing greater balance to the entire upper body.


Because of all this, because of the importance of breathing, balance, fatigue reduction or breathing performance during aerobic and anaerobic activities, it is essential to train it. And POWERbreathe is a great tool to do it.

How to train with POWERbreathe and how much does it cost?

POWERbreathe was created in a purely medical environment. For people who, after operations that affect respiratory flow or lung capacity. Because what it does is to offer a resistance to breathe in and out, so we force our body to do double work, thereby strengthening it.


Of course, POWERbreathe has a small adjustment so that this resistance is of a greater or lesser degree, because this also goes by levels. Of course, there are devices that do a somewhat more simplified, purely mechanical function, but the best thing about POWERbreathe is that this training is much more easily controlled.


In fact, it is estimated that with about 30 breaths twice a day, in a month or so you will have significantly energised, strengthened and enhanced your diaphragm muscles. It is widely used, as we mentioned, in general health, but applied to cyclists can be a very simple and inexpensive training that improves your respiratory response on the bike or mountain bike.


But these values are general values and can be increased as you strengthen the area. That's why the POWERbreathe resistance control is so useful.


Controlling your breathing can make a huge difference as a cyclist. If you know how to follow a rhythm and flow pattern and also have a very well trained diaphragm with useful tools like this POWERbreathe, your oxygenation will be much better and that affects both the explosive phase and the recovery phase. In addition, POWERbreathe has a fairly sustained price, the most basic model, the Classic, costs around 30 euros and the most famous, the Plus model, is around 50 euros.



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