Dendermonde CX World Cup 2023: favorites, schedules and how to watch

Cyclocross 12/11/23 11:37 Migue A.

The CX 2023 World Cup returns this weekend after a short break for the European Championships. The best mud specialists will meet in the Belgian town of Dendermonde for the third race of the season. A large group of contenders will fight for the victory.

Where and how to watch the 2023 Dendermonde CX World Cup

Next Sunday, November 12 will take place the CX World Cup in Dendermonde. After visiting the American continent in the first round of the season and traveling to Belgium in the second, the competition continues on Belgian soil, so the usual schedules are maintained. The broadcasts can be followed on Eurosport, GCN or Discovery+.

Schedules of the CX Dendermonde World Cup

Sunday, November 12th

  • 13:40 Elite Women
  • 15:10 Elite Men

How is the CX World Cup coming to Dendermonde?

Dendermonde is finalizing the details to host the third race of the CX World Cup. The season is still starting, waiting for the arrival of the great titans of the discipline and too early to set long-term goals, but it is time to start to see certain dynamics that can set the pace of the competition. It is time to observe trends, score points for the overall and prepare for the decisive part of the year.

For the moment, Nys surprised everyone by winning in Waterloo, while Van der Haar gave a lesson to take the victory in Maasmechelen. Iserbyt, faithful to his usual good start to the season, is one of the most in-form riders; Sweek, another of the big names on the scene, is looking to regain his sensations after an injury-marred start.

In the women's category, Van Empel has imposed a dominance that leaves few options to anyone who wants to replace her on the throne. She leads with an iron fist the overall, although Alvarado, Van der Heijden or Bentveld will seek to cut the gap taking advantage of a new absence of Pieterse.

Victory knocks at the door of Sweek, Iserbyt, Vanthourenhout, Nys and Van der Haar

As usual, victory in the CX World Cup will be hard to take. There is a long list of candidates ready to fight for the victory in Dendermonde. The withdrawals of Van der Poel - who has already made his calendar official and will reappear at the end of December - Van Aert and Pidcock leave the door to victory a little more open for the other mud specialists to compete for the win.

Michael Vanthourenhout will be in Dendermonde after winning the European Championship for the second consecutive year. The Belgian revalidated the title and is positioned as one of the rivals with the best chances of victory. Lars Van der Haar leads the overall and, despite being a regular rider with sporadic flashes of brilliance, the victory in Maasmechelen places him as another candidate with more options.

Laurens Sweek should also appear on this list. Although an injury dented his form a few weeks ago, he should be fully recovered by now and fully ready to take the win. Eli Iserbyt should be in contention for the top spot, as he is usually at his best in these early season battles.

Thibau Nys proved in Waterloo that he is a reality. The young pearl has barely rubbed shoulders with the best specialists, but he has already shown that he deserves a prominent place among the contenders for victory.

Felipe Orts will try to extend his state of grace a little more. The rider from Alicante started with a brutal strength that he has managed to sustain throughout these first races. The goal should be to improve the fifth place he achieved in Maasmechelen.

Van Empel, the clear favorite to win

Van Empel will try to extend her dominance next Sunday. The Dutch rider has two out of two in the CX World Cup and also won the European Championship, held last week. Beyond the results, the sensations place her -today- well above her rivals. In addition, the absence of Pieterse makes her a little bit more on the way to victory.

However, the other competitors are hoping to dethrone Van Empel and claim succession to her reign. Alvarado could be the one, although Van der Heijden, Bentveld, Backstedt, Bakker or Van Alphen also tend to play big roles.



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