Van der Haar and Van Empel win the CX World Cup in Maasmechelen

Cyclocross 29/10/23 18:49 Migue A.

Van der Harr takes a big win in the CX World Cup after successfully launching an attack with three laps to go. Nys fought with Iserbyt in the chase, but the pace took its toll on him and he collapsed on the last lap to seventh. A fantastic performance by Felipe Orts, who finished fifth. Van Empel extends the winning streak and takes a second victory.

Van der Haar wins Maasmechelen ahead of Iserbyt and Sweek

The country of cyclo-cross welcomed with open arms the first race of the CX World Cup season in the Belgian mud. Vandeputte was the most inspired rider at the start of the day, with Vanthourenhout also making a strong start in the early stages.

Even so, it was Ronhaar who was able to make up some ground. He shared the achievement with Vanthourenhot, who joined the Dutchman at the front of the race.

The situation remained largely unchanged until the third lap, when a large group of riders chased down the leading pair to form a large lead group. The group came together with the calmness of someone who has to study his rivals before deciding where to strike the blow.

Iserbyt was the first to take action. The Belgian changed his pace at the halfway point of the race, when the group had already lost several riders. Nys and Ronhaar were able to respond and were caught on his wheel. Shortly after, Iserbyt made a mistake, which gave Nys the lead on a plate.

Nys wasn't particularly good at riding either and the mistakes made it easier for the others to get in his wake. It was then the turn of Van der Haar, who had the fuel to build up a cushion of several seconds.

Iserbyt and Nys gritted their teeth to go after him. Sweek suffered a flat tyre and Vanthourenhout was forced to abandon the race.

Van der Haar controlled the race with an iron fist. Without conceding any opportunities, he made any attempt to chase from behind futile. The Dutchman started the penultimate lap with a seemingly comfortable 14-second lead, but was able to extend it to 17 seconds on the last lap.

With no surprises at the end, Van der Haar came through the finish line to raise his arms and take the Maasmechelen CX World Cup crown. Iserbyt pushed hard, but had to settle for second place. Sweek showed his good recovery, pulled himself together and came third. Nys lost steam on the last lap and could only finish seventh.

Results Elite Men - CX World Cup Maasmechelen

  1. Lars van der Haar 1h02'43’’
  2. Eli Iserbyt +21’’
  3. Laurens Sweek +27"
  4. Niels Vandeputte +30"
  5. Felipe Orts +32"
  6. Joris Nieuwenhuis +36’’
  7. Thibaut Nys +43"
  8. Cameron Mason +46"
  9. Ryan Kamp +52’’
  10. Kevin Kuhn +57"

Van Empel shines with a big victory

Double wins for Van Empel. Two out of two in the World Cup. The Dutch rider once again made the difference with her rivals and led the race from start to finish. Alvarado followed the world champion's pedalling closely, although a mistake at the start of the second lap left Van Empel alone in the lead.

The situation got worse for Alvarado when she had to change shoes. The rider then teamed up with Van Alphen to recover from the blow, although she would end up alone when Van Alphen got off the train on the fourth lap.

Alvarado missed and Van Alphen was right next to her again, but it didn't take long for her to get rid of her opponent again.

Van Empel rode solo to the finish line to win with a thunderous victory. It was her second victory after Waterloo. Alvarado arrived a minute and a half later in second place, while Van Alphen finished third.

Results Elite Women - CX World Cup Maasmechelen

  1. Fem van Empel 51’46’’
  2. Ceylin del Carmen Alvarado +1’28’’
  3. Aniek Van Alphen +1'42"
  4. Inge Van der Heijden +2'
  5. Marie Schreiber +2'03"
  6. Leonie Bentveld +2’04’’
  7. Sara Casasola +2'08"
  8. Alicia Franck +2'41"
  9. Annemarie Worst +2'53"
  10. Kristyna Zemanova 2'53"



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Van der Haar y Van Empel ganan en solitario la Copa del Mundo CX de Maasmechelen