Cycling banned in Spain because of the Coronavirus crisis

Road 14 mar. 2020 18:03 Migue A.

The advance of the Coronavirus in Spain has accelerated in recent days and it seems that we are not yet in the worst case scenario. In the face of this, the government has declared a state of alarm and with it has almost completely limited the movement of citizens. No one will be able to go out cycling for recreational purposes.

Riding a bike in Spain is forbidden

Before commenting on the measures affecting our favourite sport, we would like to emphasise that, for our part at least, this is the least of the consequences that the exceptional situation we are experiencing is causing.

The decree approved by the Government indicates that citizens will only be able to circulate on public roads in order to:

  • Acquisition of food, pharmaceuticals and basic necessities
  • Assistance to health centres
  • Travel to the place of work to carry out your professional or business activity
  • Return to the place of habitual residence
  • Support and care for the elderly, children, dependants, disabled or particularly vulnerable persons
  • Attendance at financial institutions
  • Due to force majeure or necessity
  • Any other activity of a similar nature properly justified

Beyond the legal requirement, the rules that we should apply out of common sense are more important:

  • If you go out cycling and have an accident your health care will have a very negative impact on a healthcare system that is on the verge of collapse
  • When you train outdoors you have more options to spread the infection or to catch it yourself

As a result of the article we published on the same ban that was imposed in Italy a few days ago, we have received several criticisms that there is no express ban in the Italian decree, just as there surely will be in the Spanish decree. Before these critical voices appear again, we will say that in Italy the reality, contrasted with several cyclists and sportsmen who live there, is that security agents are ordering those who try to go out on a bike or do sport in the street to return to their homes, in some cases with a significant financial penalty.

After all this, we want to appeal to the individual responsibility that has been talked about so much in the last few days and make everyone aware that going out on a bike will not be a good idea in the next few days. Unless it is used as a means of transport.

There is no doubt that training at home, either on a roller or with other types of exercises, will be the best option for keeping in shape, and not losing your head, in the tense days ahead.

And if you don't want to listen to us, at least listen to Nino Schurter who has published the following message in his social networks:

"#togetherwewin - #staystrong, follow governments restrictions/recommendations and please #dontpanic. My season kick off got postponed to unknown ??"


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