Changes are coming to Strava

Road 14/02/23 10:20 Migue A.

The waters continue to be troubled at Strava. After the controversy of the last few weeks due to the price increase to its premium subscriptions, now its CEO and co-founder Michael Horvath announces that he will leave his position at the head of the company, but before that he starts the search for the next leader of Strava to ensure that the company remains in good hands.

Strava launches search for a new leader

Surprisingly, a letter from its CEO, Michael Horvath, one of the 6 people who in 2009 created this application that revolutionized the way we share our sports practice, was published yesterday afternoon on the website of the well-known social network of sport Strava. In it he took stock of his second stage at the helm of the company, ceased in 2019 to devote himself to his family, and announced his decision to step aside.

Horvath was proud of his role over the years, boasting of Strava's expansion, investing in people and technology to get more and more people motivated to be more active.

However, the real bombshell of the missive was expressed in the sentence "as CEO and co-founder it is my job to choose the right path to the right destination. The other part is to make sure we recruit and support the right leaders at the right time" after which he announced that Strava needs an experienced and skilled CEO to lead the company into its new chapter.

However, Horvath does not clarify what will be his role within Strava once the person chosen to replace him in the position takes the helm of the company nor what are the new paths to which he refers, which only adds uncertainty to the situation of Strava in recent months after the controversy generated by the price increase of their premium subscriptions that has generated the wrath of its users.

The announcement in December that Strava would lay off 15% of its workforce doesn't help either.



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