CEVIS, the bicycle used by astronauts in the International Space Station

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A few hours ago the first module of the Chinese permanent space station was successfully launched, and the astrophysicist and communicator Daniel Martín was analysing on social networks some of the most interesting things inside. Apart from the space milestone, what captivated us was that they were carrying a "space bicycle" and of course we had to investigate if it was a new model that has not yet reached the shops. Joking aside, here we show you the "bicycle" where astronauts have a good time every day.

There it goes, the "space bicycle" designed by China for its new permanent space station.

The space bike that astronauts use every day on the ISS

After discovering that China was sending a space bike among the first elements of its new permanent station in space, we learned that this bike has a primary purpose up there and that the current International Space Station ISS has had one for years and the astronauts are obliged to use it every day.

The lack of gravity in space works against the physical fitness of astronauts living on the ISS, and to counteract its negative effects they are forced to exercise 90-120 minutes a day. By doing so, they try to maintain their muscle and bone mass.

This bicycle is called CEVIS (Cycle Ergometer with Vibration Isolation and Stabilization System) and is a reclined bicycle that helps aerobic and cardiovascular fitness through cycling activities on the ISS. Weekly usage varies from 2 to 7 times for 30 to 90 minutes per session per crew member.

CEVIS arrived at the ISS in 2001, it was upgraded in 2004, replaced by a new model in 2006 and another unit was sent in 2009.

As a curiosity the old model seems to have been "destroyed" up there, which means that it was released into space considering the cost of any transport. So we can say that somewhere there is a turbo trainer orbiting the Earth since 2006.



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CEVIS, la bicicleta que utilizan los astronautas de la Estación Espacial Internacional