Leave your comfort zone with your mountain bike

Mountain bike 31/10/18 16:00 Migue A.

Your mountain bike is a great solution for something psychologically as necessary as leaving your comfort zone. In all senses, both sportingly and personally.

comfort zone mountain bike

What is the comfort zone in Sports?

The clearer symptom of the comfort zone, also in sports, is the apathy. If you are ok with your current results and you lose your objectives and your aspirations, you are in your comfort zone in sports. Once there, you are not longer looking for the next level or the next challenge. If so, you need to leave that comfort zone.

comfort zone sports

Do not worry about this. The human being tends to look for comfort. It is something natural. In sports, we will have a serious issue, since entering the comfort zone will lead to loss of ambition, demotivation and eventually even abandonment. This usually happens when you constantly repeat the same exercises. But, it's easy to leave your comfort zone if you are a mountain bike lover.
It is easier for mountain bike lovers. Because the routes are totally different and the exercises to improve are infinite. So, change your route and change your exercises periodically. You don't have to train always in the same paths.

comfort zone in sports

You should train focused on objectives, and not by sessions. It is not enough to go out four times a week on your mountain bike if you do almost the same everytime. Set yourself goals of time and pulsations, that help you measure your performance and encourage you to improve. Even if the route is the same for two weeks in a row, try to measure everything possible in the first week, in order to improve yourself in the second.

comfort zone in sports

Rest well. It may sound strange, but in cycling it is essential to rest and make periods of disconnection and recovery. And of course, your mountain bike will help you get out of your comfort zone: this dynamism as a cyclist is nothing more than your own personality away from the bike. If you are creative, dynamic and motivated on mountain biking, leaving your personal and professional comfort zone is a breeze.

Because do not forget: everything can always be improved.



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