Andreassen wins the day that Koretzky touched the epic in the XCO World Cup in Araxá

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Simon Andreassen takes the victory in the XCO World Cup in Araxá. Koretzky's dominance extended until an untimely chain drop in the last lap thwarted a certain victory. The race went crazy and the Frenchman was able to win in a brutal sprint where the top four riders fought for the win.


Misfortune strikes Koretzky as he was already close to winning the XCO World Cup in Araxá

More than a hundred riders lined up to start the race - with the notable absence of Joshua Dubau - under the suffocating heat of the Brazilian sun. A clean start was followed by some tumultuous first meters: Blevins fell after hitting one of the poles that delimit the circuit; the American had to straighten his handlebars and rejoin the race at the back of the pack. On the other hand, many riders had to put a foot down due to the bottlenecks caused by the crowds and the steep ramps of the circuit.

Fluckiger took the lead ahead of Schwarzbauer, Gaze, Aldridge, Sarrou, and Schurter. The front set a strong pace from the start, turning the peloton into a sleek straight line. David Campos -starting from 41st position- had a great start and climbed up the ranks to reach twenty-fifth place.

The race progressed without a rider taking authority in the first meters: Schwarzbauer's lead lasted less than usual and he was followed by Sarrou, Schurter, and Vidaurre. The group stayed together until the Chilean pushed hard on the pedals in one of the climbs. No one responded to the challenge and the Chilean opened a gap of 10 seconds with Schurter, Koretzky, Hatherly, Colombo, and company.

Vidaurre enjoyed himself and hammered the pedals seemingly effortlessly. The advantage increased and in the chasing group, Gaze took on the responsibility of leading the chase. The speed remained high and some of the riders began to falter. In fact, only Schurter, Koretzky, Hatherly, Sarrou, and Avondetto could keep up with the pace set by the New Zealander.

Behind, David Campos -27th- and Jofre Cullell -28th- found themselves in a race that symbolized the battle they are fighting for the coveted ticket to the Paris Olympic Games.

Gaze's effort paid off as he caught up to Vidaurre, a moment that the Chilean used to increase the pace again and gain a few meters of advantage. Vidaurre's flight lasted less than the first one and the chasers once again relied on Gaze's work, which ended shortly after.

The fifth pass through the finish line brought them all back together at the front. A fresh start. Andreassen arrived just as Gaze unleashed his power and took the lead of the race. A tacit agreement followed in which they all agreed to a truce. This situation opened the door for those coming from behind: Aldridge, Boichis, Colombo, and Carod joined the front group.

Andreassen took the lead while Koretzky, Gaze, and Hatherly followed. The large group of eleven riders leading the race was reduced to almost half shortly after starting the seventh lap. Thus, Gaze, Carod, Aldridge, and Boichis lost contact. The truce was history and hostilities returned: Schurter and Vidaurre were the next to give in.

Koretzky made a move that allowed him to break away. The Frenchman went solo as the last survivor, leaving behind a quartet formed by Andreassen, Sarrou, Hatherly, and Colombo. The pace was strong and the following pedal strokes only confirmed Koretzky's candidacy for victory.

Last lap. Koretzky at the front without cracks in a relentless and continuous pedaling. 16 seconds of advantage and no signs of weakness in his riding. With most of the work done, it was time to stay calm and finish the job. But the race had a surprise in store that no one could predict: Koretzky was forced to dismount when his chain came off. The incident cost him several seconds and he dropped to fifth place.

Colombo first and then Andreassen took temporary lead of the race. Koretzky passed Sarrou and went after the rest in a burst of pride and courage. The Frenchman gave his all in a titanic effort to regain the lead.

Colombo, Andreassen, Hatherly and Koretzky himself reached the finish line in an agonizing sprint. Koretzky almost finished off the race, but Andreassen delivered an extra point of strength and took the victory in the Araxá XCO World Cup. The Dane wins his second race in the competition after winning in Nove Mesto 2020.

Special mention to Chris Blevins - who finished twenty-second after a spectacular comeback from last place.

XCO World Cup Araxá 2024 Results - Men

  1. Simon Andreassen 1h 20' 00"
  2. Victor Koretzky +1"
  3. Alan Hatherly +1"
  4. Filippo Colombo +1"
  5. Jordan Sarrou +10"
  6. Nino Schurter +23"
  7. Martin Vidaurre +23"
  8. Sam Gaze +35"
  9. Vlad Dascalu +39"
  10. Simone Avondetto +46"



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