A hard crash in the Short Track leaves Joshua Dubau out of the game

Mountain bike 20/04/24 23:32 Migue A.

The Decathlon Ford Racing Team has experienced an intense Short Track in Araxá with ups and downs. American rider Savilia Blunk confirmed her great form with a new podium, but the worst part was experienced by French rider Joshua Dubau. A hard fall led to his evacuation from the circuit, and at the hospital it was confirmed that he had a dislocated elbow and a fractured radius.

Joshua Dubau evacuated from the Araxá circuit after a hard crash in the Short Track

A hard fall during the Short Track left us with shocking images of Joshua Dubau being immobilized and evacuated by the organization's medical services. However, it wasn't until hours later that his team updated his health status. After a hospital examination, it was confirmed that he has a fractured radius and a dislocated elbow. Obviously, this accident has ended his participation in the World Cup, and Dubau is now waiting to be repatriated to France on Monday where he will undergo surgery.

This is how his team explained it on social media:

After his accident during the XCC World Cup in Araxá, exams revealed that Joshua Dubau suffered "a dislocated elbow, which was completely reduced in the hospital, and a fracture of the radial head," according to the medical staff of the Decathlon Ford team. He will be repatriated on Monday and will undergo further tests upon his return to establish a new evaluation. The period of his unavailability will be announced later.



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