What would you do if you won the lottery? This cyclist bought himself a €20,000 bike

Road 22/12/22 07:00 Migue A.

These are times when it's not difficult to ramble on about what we would do if we won the lottery, so here we bring you the story of Gerry Brown, an Irishman who in 2019 won a huge amount in the EuroMillions and when asked what treats he was going to give himself, he said he just wanted a new bike.

It's as simple as that. Because in an interview with his home radio station RTE Radio 1, Gerry said that he was absolutely happy with his life, that he was happy before he became a millionaire, and that is why he doesn't need to make any big changes.

How a multi-millionaire cyclist just wants a new bike

Gerry Brown said in this interview that he is absolutely happy in his hometown of Naul. He moved there 35 years ago and is completely in love with its streets and people. In fact, he said in the interview that his neighbours did not reveal to the press where the Brown family lived, so as not to disturb him. Not a single one of his neighbours snitched, so much for camaraderie and mutual appreciation.


Amateur cyclist Gerry Brown was able to try to sleep when he found out that he had won 175 million euros in the EuroMillions. Thanks to that and 4 vodkas, in Gerry's own words.

The key question of the interview was obvious: what he was going to spend the money on, what luxuries he was going to treat himself to from now on, what changes he was going to live with. Gerry's answer was clear: he is absolutely happy. He just wanted a new bike. But not just any bike. If anything, he wanted the best bike of his life.


Asked by the presenter about the price of the bike, whether it would be around €5,000 or so, Gerry was straightforward: €15,000 for the bike and €5,000 for the wheels. He wanted to take the best bike in his gang, ride the 90 kilometre route they normally do between Naul and Clogherhead and invite them to lunch every Sunday. He just wanted to enjoy cycling with his mates, and his new €20,000 bike.

On what to spend 175 million euros other than a bike?

Gerry Brown was already retired, and his way of being meant that he needed little else to live and be happy. His new bike and the occasional charitable donation were all he aspired to.

After collecting his prize at the lottery headquarters in the capital, Dublin, he told how the winnings would be shared between the family, as they play together 14 euros a week on the EuroMillions.


He also told how they were looking for charities to donate some of the money to, as the family does not have excessive hardship to live comfortably, so they understood that so much money allowed for several generous donations to the people who need it most. The full interview can be heard online.

Gerry Brown was an honest guy throughout the interview, and very natural. He's got a clear head. And soon, he also had a 20,000 euro bike. It may sound like a lot, but when you have 175 million euros in your account, love cycling, and have no great pretensions or ambitions other than to ride with your friends, what less than to have a bike like that. And what less than inviting them to the cycling café. Good old Gerry had it all figured out, what would you do first if you won the lottery?



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