How to wash your cycling clothes? 10 keys to make them always look new

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Cycling clothes are surely the ones that suffer the most of all those you have in your wardrobe. Both jerseys and shorts, sleeves, vests, etc. must withstand our sweat, the inclemency of the weather, the mud and all kinds of stains that occur when we ride on the road or in the mountains. At the same time we want them to last as long as possible in the best possible conditions. How do you do it? How do you wash your cycling clothes?

10 tips to wash your cycling clothes correctly

Before the clothes arrive at the washing machine we can have certain considerations that will help our jerseys and shorts last longer. For example when we get home it is important to see if we have sweated a lot, if so and we are not going to wash the clothes in a matter of hours it is best to submerge the clothes in water to rinse them and let them dry before washing them. If we leave it in the laundry basket the sweat can deteriorate it more quickly.

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1.Wash your cycling clothes separately and turn them inside out (with the seams on the outside)

It would be best if cycling clothes were not washed along with other everyday clothes, nor with towels or other household linen. The colors and finishes used in cycling clothes can be damaged or look damaged when washed with other 100% cotton clothes.

2.Either machine wash or manual wash. Never dry clean

There are some washing products that allow certain garments to be dry-cleaned, but this technique is totally harmful to cycling clothes. You can wash your cycling clothes by machine or manually, but never dry-clean them.

3.Always use cold water

Heat is a bad ally of technical garments, it can make them lose properties or even shrink. When you wash your cycling clothes, do not, under any circumstances, wash them in water above 30º. We also recommend that you use washing bags if you are going to machine wash them.

4. Rinse with plenty of water

One of the most important things is to give a good and abundant rinse so that there is no trace of detergent on the clothes.

5. Don't centrifuge your cycling clothes

The spinners in today's washing machines are usually quite gentle and should not harm your cycling clothes. In any case, it is better that the excess water is removed in the least aggressive way possible. Never rub or wring your clothes, this could damage the fibres.

6. Use liquid or neutral soaps

In the market there are many brands and models of soaps, the best thing for these clothes is to use liquid and neutral soaps.

7. Never use bleaches or whiteners

No matter how dirty your clothes look, never use bleach or any other type of whitener. Its components are too strong for the fibers of the fabrics of your technical clothes.

8. Never use fabric softeners

Softeners significantly reduce the foam of the chamois in our shorts. It is also possible for the softener to create micro oil balls that clog the pores of the perspiration screens of technical fabrics.

9. Try not to use the dryer

The best thing would be for the cycling clothes to dry in the air and if possible without direct sunshine, so that we can keep the colours longer. Of course, the tumble dryer is also contraindicated, but if you have to use it, try to use it with as little heat as possible.

10. NEVER iron your cycling clothes

Cycling clothes do not tend to generate wrinkles, but if one should appear, never iron your technical clothes. You could ruin them with the excess heat of the iron. Surely, when you have them on for a while, the wrinkle will magically disappear.

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If you still have any doubts about these tips, the best thing to do is to check the instructions on the labels of our clothes.

We hope that with these tips you can keep your clothes impeccable for much longer.



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